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  • A Russian army tank, rended apart in tears & strips of armour, with the remains of body parts scattered around.
Used in Episode 1: John is shown the ruined tank shortly before being attacked by a machine-creature.
  • A group of children huddled around a pot for warmth, looking up at the camera. A collapsed wall can be seen in the background.
Used is Episode 1: John's meeting with Alexi, his contact with the unit, who proceeds to shoot the children.
  • A crowded foreground; between the blurred silhouettes, we can see a bare knuckle fight taking place within a circle formed by the crowd of appreciative onloookers. On the opposite side of the circle from our point of view, a bookie is taking bets.
Used in Episode 2: The fight club connected to the incidents of spontaneous human combustion, at which the Whipping Boy is first met.
  • An eye seen peering through the gap in a partially open front door, looking at a shadowy figure to the left of the shot.
Used in Episode 7: Andrew arrives at General Gronds' front door for a confrontation with him after the east of London is exposed to a massive dose of radiation.
  • An unfocused shot of a promenade over a reservoir; 2 figures jumping from the end of it may possibly have webbed hands and feet.
Not used yet.
  • A night-time shot of a tall bonfire surrounded by refugees; atop the fire, a human face is just visible through the flames.
Not used yet.