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A contemporary horror game. It takes place here and now, in the reality of today. But reality is not what we think. Around us the world is dark and dangerous and nothing is what it seems to be. Our reality is an illusion, created to keep us captive. We are imprisoned since the ages past by a dictatorial creator. The true world, invisible to us, is ruled by creatures who dominate the false facades, our prison wardens and torturers."

This is a game for the psychologically disturbed, and/or those who wish to become such. It is at its best when dark, horrible, and seriously disturbing, and if you don't have nightmares afterwards (literally!), it wasn't a good game. This is not one to undertake lightly - it's very f@*#£d-up.

Kult references on the Web often seem to be outdated - the original publisher's site, for example, is gone. The new publishers, the French company 7eme Cercle, do maintain a minimal English language presence.