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I've not long been a member of the MK-RPG group, but so far I've enjoyed gaming with those I've met. I've been role-playing for 20 years (god I'm old!) and have played with many different groups, all of whom play with different styles.

GM Style

As a GM I want to give you a game you enjoy. If that means my story lines and adventure hooks go out the window, all those NPC's I spent time developing voices for never appear, then so be it.

For me the story is written at the table by all of us collectively.

I like people to try to stay in character during play, and I reward it. Give it a go, you might enjoy it. But if you're not comfortable with that, that's fine.

My job is to make sure you're all enjoying yourselves.

Player Style

As a player I feel can fill any role. In fact I don't believe in roles. You turn up with a character and you get by with who you've got.

I remember a game with 4 wizards. "The Kobolds outnumber us! Run!"

We couldn't fight for sh*t, but it was a fun and memorable game!

That's what we're all here for. Fun. Pure and simple :)