Interstellar rescue: Sunken GEV

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A new, luxurious Ground Effect Vehicle (Ekranoplan), the Tumnar, has crashed while returning from the rich playground of Wendis to Sepney. It was brought down by Infonet sabotage, by a hacker with Fiver support. The Colombianan president and his entourage are onboard, along with about 30 other VIP guests.


The GEV is a large vehicle, about the size of a jumbo jet: 40m long. It's currently almost vertically nose-down in the water. The rear of the Tumnar is about 10m underwater, with the nose resting on the sea bed 50m down.


  • Evacuate the most needy
  • Stabilise the situation for Olkennedy rescuers to mop up.
  • Secure evidence of Fiver involvement
  • Don't offend the Colombianan president, Jillian Denive

Zone: Surface


Media drones eventually, Bright golden sea.

Hazard: Approaching Storm

To throw in if you need more time pressure.

Zone: Underwater

Anywhere outside the Tumnar.


Darkness, Impeding water, Crushing depths

Zone: Main passenger compartment

The inside of the GEV is mostly empty, with seats on the (now vertical) floor. There are a few large open spaces around bars. There are some internal walls with people resting on them, and some people still trapped in seats.

The main thing is keeping people in place, rather than risking them falling inside the vessel.


Vertical floors, People trapped in seats, Empty spaces

Hazard: Long drop

Athletics rolls vs +2 to move around the space; failure means an attack by the +5 height.

Victim: Passengers

Aspects: Rich and entitled, Had a few on the trip Physique +1, Will +2 2 Stress; Consequences: 1 mild, 1 moderate

Threat: Panic

Provoke +4, Will +2 3 Stress, Consequences: 1 mild, 1 moderate

Zone: Maintenance crawlways

Under the floor of the passenger area. Plentiful handholds and equipment mean its easier to climb around these than the main passenger area, but you don't always end up exactly where you want to get. Spend one extra action to move, but no roll needed.


Cramped, Cold, and Wet

Zone: Cockpit

The cockpit windows have shattered and the cockpit is flooded. The crew have found an air pocket near the door, but breaching the cockpit/cabin wall will allow sea water to flood into the cabin.


Flooded, Shrinking air pocket, Freezing water

Hazard: Crushing water

Requires some form of external seal/cover to relieve the pressure. Uses Crush to resist these effects.

Freeze +2, Crush +4

Crush only acts on people in a different pressure. Freeze will attack the crew.

Victim: Flight crew

Aspects: In mortal fear, Working the problem.

Technical +2, Pilot +3, Drive +4, Physique +1, Will +2

3 Stress, Consequences: 1 mild, 1 moderate

Zone: Forward bulkhead

A nightmare crush of people and debris, with many injured people. Injuries range from minor to critical, and there are a few dead in the pile.


Cramped space, people everwhere

Victim: Adannaya (V)

Aspects: Knows she's going to die, Loves her grandchildren

Physique +1, Will +1

2 Stress; Consequences: 1 mild, 1 moderate

Threat: Adannaya's injuries

Blunt trauma to chest, haemothorax, flail. (Hypoxia, hypovolemia, filling chest cavity)

Hypoventilation +4, Bleed +4, Flail chest +3

3 Stress; Consequences: 1 mild, 1 moderate,

Victim: Kibwe (O)

Bodyguard of President

Aspects: Do anything to remain whole, Duty to principal.

Physique +2, Provoke +2 (screaming in agony, affecting other casualties), Will +1

3 Stress; Consequences: 1 mild, 1 moderate

Threat: Kibwe's injuries

Dislocation of knee, open, vascular damage (Compartment syndrome, vascular occlusion, pain, hypovolemia)

Bleed +2, Ischaemia +3, Pain +4, Dislocation of knee +4

2 Stress; Consequences: 1 mild, 1 moderate

Hazard: President Jillian Denive

Not injured, but being a major annoyance. Demands that she and her entourage are important and should take priority. Demands first evacuation. Will offer favours in future.

Zone: Local mindscape instance

Controlled by the hacker's construct, this will act to disrupt the GEV's systems, and the systems of anything connected to the mindscape instance. (Create Advantage to represent distractions, such as overloading HVAC or flickering inflight entertainment.)

Threat: Mindscape sentinel

4 Stress; Consequences: 1 mild, 1 moderate

Aspects: Lethal Subroutine, Blindingly Fast, In Its Element, Crystalline Samurai Defender, Mindless Mindscape Construct (flaw)

Will +4, Notice +3, Provoke +2, Athletics +1


  • Domination: Roll Will vs Will to control the target’s actions.
  • Mindburn: Use Will for mental attacks using the Mindscape.


  • Compulsion Field: +2 Will bonus to create Mindscape Compulsion-type advantages.

Victim: GEV systems

Under attack by the sentinel.

Systems +4, Will +2

4 Stress; Consequences: 1 mild, 1 moderate, (e.g. overloading, feedback loops, breaking down)

Starts with 2, 4 stress boxes filled, 1 mild consequence (“overloading”)