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Overview - Manitou Springs

Manitou Springs (Google Maps)

First up, the town of Manitou Springs actually exists. The blurb below is from their real-world web page, which can be found at

Hidden between the Garden of the Gods and Pikes Peak, America’s most famous mountain, lies Native American the magical town of Manitou Springs. "Manitou," a Native American word for "spirit," describes this beautiful mountain community. Nine named mineral springs throughout town are fed by the snows of Pikes Peak. Long before white men traveled here, the Ute, Cheyenne and many other natives considered this area sacred.

The town itself is roughly 65 miles south of Denver, and about 4 miles west of Colorado Springs.

It's pretty much what you'd expect from small-town America. Quiet, picturesque, and relatively peacefull. This being the World of Darkness, however, you can bet there's more to it than meets the eye, and most of that ain't gonna be pretty...

Notable Features

The House - Heart of the pack's territory, the house sits amid roughly 10 acres of woodland on the slope of a hill facing the town. The house itself is a large, 2 storey wood building, complete with porch, shed and a large, weed infested, garden. Though a bit run down due to lack of occupancy, the house is equipped with all modern conveninces, including a state of the art kitchen, and a slection of games consoles hooked into the palsma TV in the front room. Upstairs is a little odd, however, with the two, possibly three, bedrooms it should have knocked through into a single massive room containing a trio of walk-in closets and a pile of bedding occupying about a third of the floor. Possibly the most notable feature is in the basement, a locus that spews forth essence for any who would claim it, as well as acting as a gateway for both spirits and uratha to cross between worlds...

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