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The first few of these predate actually being a werewolf, so imagine just how nuts they made me feel...

Possibly the first would have been the Hummer. Whilst on patrol in Iraq, the thing started muttering about wanting to go faster. This was not an expected thing, especially when followed up by a dust-devil in the street glaring at me...

On the flight back to the US, I could feel the plane being challenged by something big and eagle-like, that demanded to know why it should be let into the country. The reply was a digital scream that made no sense whatsoever, but seemed to satisfy the big bird.

Finally, during the drive to Denver, I started getting dreams of leading an army of shadowy things into battle against a huge great monster. This all happened at the foost of a big mountain that looked a lot like the big mountain where a huge forest fire was put out a few weeks back. As if that wasn't bad enough, the word "answers" kept popping into my head in connection with the Denver area.

To cap that bit off, my truck decied to start demanding to know why it should help me get to Denver, then pretty much nearly blew up. The guy who stopped off to help me out didn't seem to surprised. Didn't take long to find out why...

Anyway, that lot happened before becoming a werewolf. The rest has happened since.

After meeting up with the rest of my new pack, we had to stop for gas. Turns out Selina can see ghosts, 'cause she saw one hanging around Jack looking kinda confused, then getting dragged off after him as he left on the bottom of an RV. Whilst we were were there we had our first encounter with ridden, they were dispatched without too many difficulties.

When we got into town, a few strange things happend, like me seeing a 10 year old (ish) Native American girl in jeans and t-shirt, who had pools of water for eyes and mist coming off her, in the rear-view mirror. Did I mention she was standing still, and keeping pace with an RV doing 20?

About the same time, Daniel kept hearing voices over the radio telling him to "get out". Not that surprising that none of the rest of us heard them.

Turns out Jack was the only one to not see anything weird, 'cause Selina kept seeing Alder trees all over town, where there ain't meant to be trees at all. Had a peak through the gauntlet myself, and yup, there they were. At least they where only in the spirit realm. Apparently, Selina got to see something extra on the spirit side as well - a monkey-looking thing, tied to one of the trees with razor-wire, and getting eaten alive by a bunch of other spirits. She reckons that, from the looks of the set-up, he'd seriously ticked someone off, and was getting slapped for it.

Whilst investigating the study, I managed to nick my finger and the "Time Life stack started to draw essence, luckily it was a blood letter fetish containing the history of the previous pack.

The little girl who I spotted whilst in town appeared to Selina. The girl appears only in windows, as when looking in the "Magic shop's" window.

In the history of the previous pack there is a mention of the Alderman, this triggered a memory that all the misplaced trees in the hissle were Alder trees.

Also notable is that the previous pack believed the Sherrif to be Wolf-Blooded.

Found a hunter from Wisconsin carving up his brother, who he had shot. We resolved this as he was being ridden. We hurt him till the spirit left and then took him to hospital.

We found a site were a locus will open shortly, this one however is positivly aligned.

While shopping several people randomly stated screaming at the same time.

I had a lucid dream about an alley, crying and a powerful entity containing Lust,Hunting,power, but no death.

A jogger was being ridden, Selina helped him out.

The following day we sound Sandra, an ex-waitress crying in an alley way, exactly where I heard crying in the dream. This was sorted by speaking to the manager and acquiring a new job for her.

Whilst in the cafe where Sandra worked Selina was speaking to another waitress, called Sarah who after Selina had a chat with her we believe to be occasionally being ridden by a lust spirit.

Whilst continuing to follow the dream I had we found the pub in it. The barmaid in the pub appeared in the dream. All was well until some jock's who were bing ridden came in, She ordered everyone out, and then a fight ensued.

When Selina phoned me her phone screamed

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