Heaven and Earth

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Heaven And Earth: Only the Good...

The time, Friday, July 2nd, 1999 - the place, the town of Potter's Lake, North Central Kansas. Five strangers find themselves suspects in a murder investigation in the middle of a very odd little town full of strange people and an even stranger history...

The Cast

  • Sheldon Armstrong (Jeff): Wheelchair-bound, he's in town to look into the hospital where one of its wings was renowned for treating polio cases earlier in the century, but it has now been closed for some time, and he wants to know why exactly.
  • Miles Crookshank (Paul): A former resident of the town - he says he moved away when he was about five or six years old - and is a writer, in the area to revisit some old haunts. He's thinking of doing something based on the local area.
  • Katya Forster (Stef): She comes from a medical background and is looking to start work at the university in town where a new medical school has opened up recently.
  • Joseph King (Pete): A trucker who, so he says, hasn't got much of a story to tell - just that he is an independent trucker passing through in-between contracts at the moment.
  • Charlie Smith (Craig): A paramedic on leave to do a bit of hiking around the area and escape the mayhem of city life for a few days.

The Story So Far