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Season 5

Episode 1: Brigadoomed

The Crew (but mostly Bender & Fry) receive 6 packages for delivery in a flash of light, with illegible addresses, until one of them goes 'ping!' and the address reveals itself, along with a clock giving them 24 hours to deliver it! They fly to the location of Mesopotamia 5, a space station which vanished in mysterious circumstances ("How mysterious?") 300 years ago and which re-appears for a few hours every 10-20 years, in order to find Flurgellon Xixxix, the addressee on the parcel. Encounters with a deranged Porterbot called 'Shiny', The Crushinator, a severely out-of-touch supercomputer, a slick con-man and a pan-dimensional being ensue!

Episode 2: Retrials and Tribulations

Just as the Crew are about to deliver their second package, the intended recipient blows up! Luckily, Professor Farnsworth's latest gizmo is the Chronomatic Rewinder, which allows you to live a period of time over again! Unluckily, the addressee on the package gets killed every time they try to deliver it!! Has it got anything to do with her being a successful robot soul singing diva? To complicate matters, Fry is almost killed, but actually only ends up out of phase with our reality after being exposed to trekkions , particles associated with unlikely phenomena; he is restored by an intense exposure to their anti-particles: babylons!

Episode 3: No-One Will Control Your Television Set

After a short break, the third parcel 'pings' and the Crew of Fry, Leela and Bender have 6 hours to deliver it to Todd Curling, creator of the popular TV show, The Scary Door! Unfortunately, after a brief and unnecessary detour to Bangkok instead of Los Angeles (a prize to anyone who can say why!) it turns out Todd has been missing for 7 years! The head of the studio, Mr. Gnilruc, allows the Crew to go to Mr. Curling's office, but only in order to trap them in the weird dimension of the Scary Door! The Crew must travel between various weird and cliched sci-fi settings in order to deliver their package and find a way out!

Episode 4: Pitch Blackout

Whilst relaxing at the opening of the Blernsball season, Professor Farnsworth's Apocalometer registers the approach of a Berserker craft to Earth, intent on destroying all life & civilization it finds! At the behest of President Nixon, all the ships on Earth are pressed into carrying out Professor Wernstrom's plan to cloak the world in a screen painted to look like a dead planet, then get everyone to be very, very quiet while they sit in the dark and wait for the Berserker to go away... so naturally, at this time the fourth package needs delivery, within 3 hours! And the addressee is Mervyn Ulus, a convicted psychotic!! Who has escaped from prison!!! Along with dozens of other dangerous criminals!!!! The Crew must find their man and get him to sign for delivery in a pitch black New New York!

Episode 5: Big Beautiful World

Delivering the fifth package requires the Crew to go to a distant planet and make contact with someone called Catallannagoridananeezeepeshtunon... the tricky bits are that a) contact with that planet is prohibited by the Democratic Order Of Planets and b) Catallannagoridananeezeepeshtunon is the planet! She is also somewhat starved of contact and seems keen to keep the Crew there as long as possible... How do you deal with a lovelorn planet? And will Fry really be President of Earth?!?!

Episode 6: Dawn Of The Dude

The sixth package seems to be the easiest of all, since the delievry address is Planet Express! Strangely though, the package 'pings' at the same time as a mysterious spaceship arrives and vows venegance against maknind; it vanishes in a weird anomaly, whereupon the whole planet changes, apart from the Crew, who seem to be protected by the bracelets included in their package: they are the only ones on the planet who are not now tripped out hippy peaceniks!! Has the history of the world been altered? Well, yes, it has; so how can the Crew use the 5 unusual items they have collected to save the world????

The Payments

  • Interdimensional tow-rope (from 'Brigadoomed')
  • Mama Chassis Sings Death Punk Thrash Black Metal Melodies CD (from 'Retrials & Tribulations')
  • The Scary Door (from 'No-One Will Control Your Television Set')
  • Planetary P.A. System (from 'Pitch Blackout')
  • Biomorphic Serum Pod (from 'Big Beautiful World')

Title Captions

  • 'Not suitable for 1st level halflings'
  • 'Enter our "Worst Accent" Contest!'
  • 'Coming Soon: Clangers LARP'
  • 'd20 sucks!!!'
  • 'Now with asbestos free d6s!'
  • 'Enjoy it now before Matt Groening sues my ass'