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Freemarket crib sheet

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Conflict actions

Initiate: Draw two cards (+1 with a Bug), choose to activate Experience or Geneline.

Action Requires How many times Effect
Go for it - Rating of initially-activated ability Draw two cards from Challenge Deck*
Go for it Bug Bugs Draw one card per Bug spent*
Support Geneline and Experience applicable to challenge 1 Activate inactive Geneline or Experience
Engage Tech Tech with matching Experience tag Rating of Tech Draw two cards from Tech deck*
Recalibrate Interface with matching Experience tag Any Own Hazard cards become Bugs for next challenge
Burn Any Any Remove one card from opponent per point burnt (p. 28-9)
Call Everyone had ≥1 action 1 End challenge, count points

* Error correction: If any Interface Experience tag matches, draw one extra card if drew any Hazard

Experience Effects

Experience Flow class Effects
Breaking Material or Aggregate Reduces the effectiveness of or destroys an interface or piece of technology.
Cultivation Material Creates Tech
Ephemera Self-targeted Observers add or overwrite short-term memory
Flood/Bleeding Targeted Extract or implant long-term memory
Ghosting Targeted or Aggregate Shadow, steal, or sneak undetected
Mobbing Material Design, implant, repair Interfaces
Negotiation Targeted Create binding contracts, +5 Flow for all signatories on completion
Printing Material Creates Tech
Recycling Material Repair Tech or Interface; or merge Tech
Shaping Targeted Target performs an action; or read target's Experiences, Geneline, long-term memories
Social Engineering Targeted Induce target to do something they otherwise wouldn't
Switching Aggregate Change identities between (non-self) Users
Thin Slicing Self-targeted Give value to data; read Tags; cause trends to be adopted
Wetwork Targeted Remove from play or damage Interface

Flow changes

Win a Challenge you initiated Lose appropriate Flow, less rebates
Lose a Challenge that targets you Lose appropriate Flow
Gift +10 Flow to gifter
Friend +2 Flow each (once only)
Unfriend -2 Flow (each time)
Attaboy +3 Flow (recipient)
Frownie -3 Flow (recipient)
Complete a Contract +5 Flow to all signatories
Leave MRCZ -4 Flow
Social Insurance See text