Feng Shui

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This day is the same as all of the others. You stare at the TV and slowly the world goes out of focus. The news reader appears to be Noel Coward. Which is kind of odd. Last night when you caught the ten o'clock news it was a unknown guy in a suit. And the studio set used to be a studio with smart screens everywhere. Now it looks like an Edwardian sitting room, stuffed with chairs and nick-nacks. WTF?

Welcome to a new day in a new reality. Someone has managed to change the past leaving you knowing that there was another "reality" which is now gone. Maybe your jeans are now a different shade of green; the TV no longer shows anything but religious drivel. The possibilities are almost endless.

You know that something has gone wrong. And you have to fix it!

The game is suppose to run like a Hong Kong action movie. Loads of guns and fast cars, buses, planes and trains. Mooks being shot dead every few minutes. Players leaping off the side of builds shimmying down drainpipes and karate chopping their way to an exit.

The action should be fast and furious with the players being like super heroes. Tough and virtually impossible to kill the characters should make a difference.