Failing Upward

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Some details of a short Freemarket game, played 12 & 19 June 2012.


MRCZ: Failing Upward

"We find and recommend the worst stuff on the Donut"

Tier 1, 11 Flow

Tags: Thin Slicing, Epic Fail, Snark

Needs: Victims, Venue, Negotiator

Adelaide Lithgow, 1st Gen

Clade: Probability artist

Geneline: Champagne (1) (Cool, Sparkling, Overpriced)

Experiences: Cultivation 1, Ephemera 1, Recycling 1, Thin Slicing 1

Interface: Eddie keysoft (1) (Thin slicing, Statistics, Optimistic)

Tech: Paint box (1) (Cultivation, Pigments, Enduring); Patchwork dress (2) (Ephemera, Clothing, Homespun); Programmable glue (1) (Recycling, Adhesive, Adaptable)

Long-term memories

  • My father composed and played a concerto on the harp for my fifth birthday
  • My life was used as the subject of the Adelaide Lithgow Historical Re-enactment Society MRCZ, who staged everything live

Short-term memories

  • My BF, Szu, too me to a flash mob dance on the roof of the aquarium

Radiogram Wong, 2nd Gen

Clade: Insubordinate Mystic

Geneline: Wilson (2) (Psychedelic, Transcendental, Prankster)

Experiences: Ephemera 1, Shaping 2, Social Engineering 1, Thin Slicing 1

Interface: Psychoactive sweat glands (2) (Social engineering, Sweat glands, Trippy)

Tech: Neon halo (1) (Ephemera, Floating halo, Awe inspiring)

Long-term memories

  • The day I preached my philosophy to the crowd at the zero-g agora and they laughed at me. The recording of their laughter is my mantra whenever I meditate.
  • When I was an infant, me mother, Lucy, absent mindedly put me in the mater recycler, but managed to hit "reverse" in time. I remember what it's like to be nothing.

Short-term memories

  • Yesterday, Vinod Hernandez of the Uwe Boll Re-enactment Society MRCZ swore to destroy me for redubbing his performance as it was broadcast.

Thanatos, 2nd Gen

Clade: Arena Fighter

Geneline: Spartacus (2) (Rebellious, Violent, Plural)

Experiences: Shaping 2, Switching 1, Wetwork 2

Interface: Lucky Star Cannon (1) (Wetwork, Gyro cannon, Concealed); Reflexorz (1) (Wetwork, Reflexes, Like lightning)

Tech: Chainsword (1) (Wetwork, Brutal, Chainsaw)

Long-term memories

  • My first arena opponent, Eviscerator, was beaten unconscious with a sledge hammer.
  • My first death was when a member of the Suicide Squad MRCZ blew up the food court

Short-term memories

  • Failing Upward recruited me at their base of operations


Adelaide Lithgow Historical Re-enactment Society MRCZ (Tier 2)

The Real Adelaide Lithgow (2nd Gen)

18 Flow

Affiliated Partnerships MRCZ (Tier 6)

Lucy Wong (1st Gen)

Experiences: Negotiation 2

70 Flow


Session 1

The newly-formed Failing Upward MRCZ arrived at their new quarters. Their space is half a cargo containter welded to the floor of the outer ring of the Donut, presenting them with a ten metre deep tube, crossed with hammocks and slings. The container is dark, mouldy, and constantly dripping with condensation. It's also now home, has a matter printer, and is shared with the Uwe Boll Re-enactment Society.

Waiting form them was Vinod Hernandez with his current beau, Lucy Wong. She offered Thanatos a position in the Adelaide Lithgow Historical Re-enactment Society (ALHRS) MRCZ. Thanatos rejected the offer. The members of Failing Upward then decided to Social Engineer the observing ALHRS members by re-enacting the ALHRS re-enactment of the Failing Upward's rejection of the offer, thus causing an infinite loop of re-enactment. As part of the same challenge, Radiogram attempted to make Lucy Wong forget what she was doing in the cargo container.