Faded Glamour: Life Through a Lens

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Jimmy Bogle: A tough thug and enforcer.

Gerald Coachman: Chauffeur employed by MGM.

Dt. Jack Tarry: Corrupt vice cop.


Rob P. Goodman: Ruthless agent and exiled Fae.

Louis B. Mayer: Studio boss at MGM.

Daphne Grier: Chanteuse; friend of murdered actress Virginia Cage, both of them were connected to the Agape Lodge.

Ethel Shaughnessy: MGM studio lawyer, loan shark; business partner of Avi Goldman.

Avi Goldman: Drug supplier with a lot of business at MGM, now partnered with Jack Tarry.

Leni Riefenstahl: Actress, director, currently working on German-American co-production The New World for MGM.

Bartram Conway: Producer/director at MGM, widely rumoured murderer of Virginia Cage.

Supporting Cast

Fritz Lang: Influential film-maker and very powerful, experienced exiled Fae.

Calvin Manley: Small league actor, person of colour; framed for the murder of Virginia Cage.

Agatha and Mildred Coachman: Fiancée and daughter of Gerald, respectively.

Aleister Crowley: Occultist, presumed dead 5 years ago, connected to Agape Lodge.  


The MGM Soundstage where The New World is being filmed.

Lefty’s Gym, a place for fighters to train and practice.

The Starlite Lounge is a glittery club and a meeting place for exiled Fae.

LAPD-HQ houses the Vice Squad of Jack Tarry.


The blood-stained dress of Virginia Cage, which she was wearing when she was murdered.

The shooting script for The New World, subject to scrupulous confidentiality.

Gerald Coachman’s limousine, on which he still owes several payments to Ethel Shaughnessy.