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Stuff the highest High Fantasy, full of action, adventure, romance, and scenery chewing, inspired by anime and high-octane fiction. The PCs are all vastly powerful: typical starting characters are able to give small armies a run for their money.

Most of the PCs' power comes from their ability to use Charms (minor, instant magical effects that vastly improve skills and almost require players to scream 'Your Swirling Whirlwind Peony Blossom Attack cannot overcome my Fivefold Bulwark Ox Defence!' when using them). Charms can be assembled into Combos for even more flashing-blade special moves.

Interesting features are the stunt mechanic, where players get bonus dice to roll if they describe a cool action (and magic points back if they succeed), and an advisory personality mechanic system (Virtues) that eases the PCs to behave like Greek gods, by making great sacrifices for others and having the occasional cataclysmic bout of ennui.

Published by White Wolf.