Design For Living - Tag's Diary - Session 2.2

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I spent most of this month between training with the villa guard and Corwin. He has taught me much about the Design, including about the nodes. These nodes are almost everywhere, he taught me how to detect them and also how to travel using them. I have spent a lot of time contemplating the Design, and learning from both Bloom and Corwin.

Corwin suggested that it might be time for me to use my new found abilities, he suggested that I perform one of the following tasks:

  • Find, and rescue our family who are still in Chaos.
  • Explore the edges of the mesh and attempt to discover why the mesh of nodes does not permeate all shadow.
  • To figure out why the Design is not complete despite the drawing being complete.

All the above seem to make sense to me, however I feel I should rejoin the rest of my friends and see how they are getting on, and see if they could help in one of these tasks.

I attempted to locate them using the mesh as I can locate the inhabitants of Fenneval. In the end I trumped Athena, and missed when I node jumped, DO NOT DO THAT AGAIN!!!. I went through the 2nd floor wall of a pub and ended up v. nearly dead. When I rejoined the party where Mei-Lian healed me and we continued on.

I brought them through a trump to the primal pattern. We spoke with Dworkin, after a little mining. He appeared to be learning how to node jump but was not performing any of the moves that I do as I travel. It appears he was slowly getting the knack. We then returned to Amber it is now a shadow of its former Glory, it was overgrown and in ruins.

The Thoughts of Tag.

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