Design For Living - Tag's Diary - Session 2.1

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After the battle at the "Primal Pattern" we all came here to Fenneval. I'm exhausted, and feel hollow, with the Pattern gone I no longer feel whole. I collapsed and eventually fell asleep.

I spent a couple of hours training with the guards and Athena, it took my mind of the emptiness for a while. The guards were much better than I expected and gave me a fair workout. Athena was still much better than me but hopefully she got some use from the training. Afterwards I asked several people about the Design, they all intimated that I should talk to the King. From what I can gather and previous experiences anyone can walk the Design and once they do it appears to stay with them, I observed a change in them when I could use my Pattern lens. There still is no word from Corwin. I think I'll ask Bloom how Sorcery works, as currently I can't defend myself too well if Chaos finds us.

I trained again today, it took my mind of the emptiness I feel. I headed to the library and started to read about Sorcery it appears to be point and will although I reckon it will probably be more complex than it sounds. I was approached by Mei-Lian about leaving Fenneval, I think I might stay as the Design intrigues me. I wonder if it could be used in a similar way to the Pattern. Bloom explained how sorcery differs from using the Pattern, I didn't understand it all.

I trained again, then finally word from Corwin. I acquired suitable clothes and attended a feast. After the feast there was a meeting where Corwin seemed to express the emptiness that I know. He seemed to want to know more about this Design, if it is like the Pattern than I may be able to help him.

Shortly after the meeting I met what appeared to be a sentient robot, I only vaguely remember seeing robots back when I was young, and non of them had any kind of self awareness, he could be a useful robot? to know.

Later I cleared my mind and after much thinking decided to walk the Design, Bloom helped me clear the area. I must thank her for that. I felt weirdly sorry for all the wrong I've done in the past, and I could swear I heard "I forgive you" being said. I now don't feel as empty as before, and I think that I'll stay as I feel a little more attached to Fenneval. I'm not sure that it would feel right leaving now, as Fenneval is not adequately protected from Chaos, also knowing nothing of the Design is not a good thing. It will be interesting to find out more about this Design.

Mei-Lian left early this morning before I was ready to leave, I think that Artemis, Romanov, and Athena left to. I felt that it would be nice to go with them however I feel its important to help Corwin sharpen the defenses of Fenneval first, and I believe that finding out more about the Design will be a good start.

The Thoughts of Tag.

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