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Earthdawn: The Lost Legion

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  • Gavin - Human Wizard as played by David A
  • Emeril - Elf Sword Master/Thief as played by Seana
  • Svarta - Dwarf Weapon Smith as played by Louisa
  • Aleecha - Elven Nethermancer as played by Mark D

Into Parlainth

Well here we are again. Trying to get through life and make a name for ourselves. Oopes, sorry. My name is Gavin. I have been asked to help out tell the story of our adventures. Not such an east task but I will try and be concise and keep any personal feelings to myself. Well most of them.

  • We have a key. We don't know what it is for. The key is circular in shape with strange spiraling lines of text inside it. You can move the text about but we have no idea of what any of it means.
  • We have a picture of a fancy woman. Note that if the woman was dead the picture would have faded away. So she is somehow still alive. Although certain undead creatures are still alive enough to count.
  • We have a scarf from said fancy woman.

So we head out from Barter Town into the jungle heading up north to Parlainth. But guess what the stupid fools who we took an air ship from want some more trouble. So we obliged. As you do. So they lose again and let the boss orc go. After he tells us where the fool is that hired them. A pity some of them fell overboard. Landing from two hundred feet into hard jungle must be difficult. Finally we get under way.

The boat crew think that we should be dropped off a little distance from the city itself. A good idea. We get the animals and ourselves sorted and then head for the city. Then from out of the trees come some huge ravenous bloody squirrels. They manage to tear apart the horses and mules but we manage to kill them all. After the dwarf almost croaks it. Maybe we should have stayed at home?

Emeril adds: I really must find a way to make sure more of them attack me rather than the rest of you. My poor horse. And I guess the dwarf is just irresistably tasty. Who knew?

In the city?

The approach to the city would have been more pleasant if we had some horses to ride up on but hey, what can you do? We find out that some chap virtually runs the place. At a profit might I say. A tidy big one! Well with either pay the prices or sleep in the jungle what choice do you really have? So the inn is OK and we meet some of the locals. There are two guilds red and blue. The guys who explain this have seen our new faces and come and give us the whole story. Turns out one charges ten silver then a tithe of two per cent. The other has the ten silver joining few but dues are more of a sort of obligation rather than fixed into the contract.

Emeril adds: Actually, it turns out that the second guy was selling us a line of shit. We don't have to pay anything to get in the second guild - it's just good (and flashy) deeds advance us in it. Which is pretty much the kind of things I was going to do anyway, so I joined. Now if only there was some good-looking adventurer in need of rescue, I do believe I would hit all my targets for this trip.

We also find out about the people who control things in the city. Turns out that some "Vardeghul" person holds the rights to all of the maps and documents that talk about the city proper. There is a large X shaped city. Surrounded by a very big wall. One small part is habitable and has a new sort of wall. In the south eastern corner. So the city looks something like this :

|\   area 1  /|
| \         / |
|  \       /  |
|   \     /   |
|    \   /    |
|     \ /     |
|  2   X   3  |
|     / \     |
|    /   \    |
|   /     \   |
|  /       \  |
| /         \ |
|/   area 4  \|
           | Safe bit, |
           | Haven     |

The trouble is that area one was the military zone and is now held by a rather mean dragon. Area two was the governmental zone. Area three was the residential region and does not seem to pleasant. Area four, the Twists, was the commercial district. Well I guess we should be careful if we go in.

Parlainth Proper

Well we did a little job for one of the other guild members. He wanted something from the stalls area (four). Did not seem too much fuss. We had to spend the night. Some flying things came for us but we managed to beat them off. Aleecha showed off by taking the form of one of the bird things. Bloody foolish thing to do in my mind. What if we had shot her? Oh, it would have been out faults, I know that. Well we managed to not kill her. For once. We get back to the safe bit and rest up. The dwarf took a real beating. She will have some great scars for the kids. If she lives that long.

Emeril adds: See what I mean about the dwarf being just irresistably delicious to monsters? If we ever go hunting, I vote we go to an alchemist and get him to brew us some eau de dwarf. Just so long as we don't actually get any on me, you understand. I have an image to maintain.

Aleecha adds: Well only some are blessed with great power and it has to be shown to others.

We have a picture of the mistress of the city commander. By rights the image should have faded away to nothing. But it has not. I managed to follow the trail of the thread from the picture to it's subject. She is in the residential district. Although, she may not be alive as a dead creature would still keep the link alive. Ulp.

So we kit ourselves out and enter the city. Before we even get to the residential section we encounter a small problem. Some arachnid things appear from the ruins. They cast some weird spell which locks us in some sort of maze. The walls are made of twisting, writhing brambles. Sharp and hard to cut. Then they come for us. Why are we here?

Emeril adds: And finally! A decent fight! Three out of four of them are coming at me rather than anyone else. I was beginning to think that I'd die of boredom.

The Spiders

Well I am sure you will understand that standing up to big spider like horror constructs is not my normal day-to-day activity. In fact it is very far from what I like to do. So I tried to damage the Johuthra. I did it a little damage but Emeril managed to kill almost all three near her with a couple of strokes of her sword. I wish I could say that I had been so proficient. I wasn't. So after hearing the death dry of one of it's fellows the one I was trying to fight ran away. I managed to see it clamber up onto a nearby building. We decided that a little rest would be useful. But no, Emeril had to go and kill the thing. Just asking for trouble really.

She climbed up after it and then almost killed it but was knocked unconcios before finishing it off. We did hear some screams and went and rescued her. And kill the bloody spider thing. I searched the nest and found some money and a bottle. I checked astrally and the coins were badly corrupted. Anyone carrying one of those was going to regret it. The bottle was a healing potion. Not corrupted and worth having.

The Darkness

We patched ourselves up and moved closer to the zone of darkness. There were some strange symbols drawn on the walls. They looked like fish symbols. Which is odd. I mean how could there be fish in the city? Then Emeril spotted some movement. It turns out that there really are flying fish. Hungry carniverous fish at that. With Emeril's watchful eye we avoided the fish and entered the dark region.

No lights worked in there and no one could see anything. Aleecha tried turning into lots of different creatures but none of them could see in the magical darkness. We crept up to the house where the link to the picture was leading us. Emeril managed to open the door, even if she got hurt in the process. Inside was a well lit appointed apartment. Cheerful fires burned in the grates and there was no sign of decay or horrors. Emeril opened the bedroom door avoiding the trap in front of it. Inside the spirit of insert name was moving about. Emeril began to dance with it. Faster and faster until somehow the spirit noticed him. Aleecha tried to talk to the spirit and the two of them calmed her enough to get some dialogue going.

Svarta was looking about in the living room and found a portrait. The frame was empty though. The man in the picture having been dead for quite some time. Clearly once insert name leaves on her final journey her picture will also fade.

She told us that others had come to speak to her but that they gave up after a time and lay down. Strange that there were no bodies lying about. Anyhow she told us of the places her lover insert name took her. She gave us directions to the house they would most often visit. Then she thanked us and started to fade away. Well at least we managed to get something right.

In the corner of the bedroom was a large wooden chest. Whilst the light was starting to fade Emeril picked the lock and we picked up the large metal chest inside. We got to the door of the house just as all of the lights faded out. After a little bit of stumbling about we made our way out of the darkness. But Emeril walked into some of the fish. Pity really.

We then fought them and managed to kill them. What an ugly way to end our little expedition.

What's in the box?

Well frankly this was a bit of a disappointment. Not loads of fancy treasure. Some more clothing. Are we all that badly dressed? Hump.

Having returned to Haven we all set about learning some new talents. Some of the others managed to get to a higher circle. I am still a fair bit away from that. Well wasting my time in the Great Library was fun but not legend building. We sold the letters to Vardeghul. She repaid us with details of where the pubs we need to find in the Twists are. Pretty good really as you could walk about for a long time and simply get eaten alive in Parlainth.

We got a list of possible inns / pubs that could be the one,

  • Crystal Airship *
  • Endless Horizon
  • Golden Coin
  • Golden Isle
  • Mountaintop
  • City of Splendor *

From Vardeghul we found out that the two marked with a * are the ones most likely to be the ones with dancers where "please insert name" was working.

Emeril required to perform a task for her tutor. She had to steal a box from some sort of Ogre. Huh? Anyway, she told us of how she managed to sneak into the house without raising a sound. Then she found the bricks in the fireplace that were removable. She then removed the bricks which triggered a massive fireball. She managed to avoid that by hiding under the bed. A pity that the ogre decided to open the door just as the fireball was burning brightly. She then attacked this giant beastie. After beating on it most impressively, it was suddenly healed?!?!? Then she missed her footing and the ogre hit her. She decided that prudence was required and grabbed the small box and flipped over the ogre's head and ran for it. maybe not the most stylish exit but worth a drink in the pub any day.

Svarta's tutor also required a payment in goods. Not stolen ones this time but parts of a Steel Golem. The only trouble is that they are only found in the Military zone, area 2 on my map. In Haven, "please insert name", runs a betting shop on the fights going on inside the war zone. I guess they will have up-to-date data on what is going on and where is safe. I hope. We will cross that bridge, etc.

So we were sitting chatting about what to do next when someone overheard us. He told us that he, Bibby was planing on an expedition into the Twists. Could we help him out? We agreed and made plans and then left.

Pub Crawl

Our group made it's way to the south western part of the great city of Parlainth. With Emeril scouting ahead we avoided most things. The first pub, the Crystal Airship, looked pretty bad from the outside. Someone had previously boarded up the doors and windows. From the outside. To keep something on the inside in! I looked at the building astally and Aleecha tried to talk to the spirits inside. There were four somethings moving about and one spirit that could talk. It claimed to be a child hoping for release. Not sure if we believed it though.

Emeril being the sneaky sneaky sort rigged up a dead fall trap to limit the number of creatures able to get out of the building at a time. So the trap was ready and Aleecha and I prepared by thread weaving. Emeril broke open the door and a couple of Cadaver Men rushed out. The trap worked and the remaining two Cadaver Men were stuck inside. We fairly quickly dispatched the first two and then readied ourselves and released the second two. We had managed to destroy the third one when a large black shape came bursting through the door. After recovering from the shock we realised that a Black Preying Mantis beast had been holed up in the building.

With Emeril in the lead we started to attack it. Svarta also decided that the Cadaver man was of less threat and attacked the Black Mantis. Aleecha and I stood back and pelted the thing with long range magic. Meanwhile Emeril was getting stuck in. Sometimes I feel a little bit left out, in a fight. And boy was this one of those times. Emeril really let rip and tore this thing apart, knocking it back so hard it crushed the last Cadaver man to bits. With a couple more blows and a little magic the Black Preying Mantis horror's construct was defeated. Not sure how Bibby took this but I was impressed.

Aleecha did her latest healing trick for the two fighters. I had only taken a little strain using my Will Power talent and Aleecha having no damage at all. So a very good fight. Pity it was the wrong pub really.

We explored the inside and found the dancer's changing room part way down the stair. I.e. there was no balcony to stand on and admire the passers by on. We did find a few untainted and unbroken bottles of wine. There was also a little bit of silver ware and odds and sods. So this should help pay for our troubles.

Bibby then took us to the house of the elementalist he wanted to investigate. It did not look like much from the outside. Although it seemed in rather good condition. For a building so old I mean. Anyhow, Emeril used her new fangled talents to untrap and unlock the door. Except it would not open. I guessed there was a spell holding it shut. I re-tuned my matrix, losing levitate, for dispell magic. I spent another bit of strain to make sure the door opened. It did. I then began to re-tuned to Levitate when something burst up from the ground and began to attack us. The two fighters began to go toe to toe with the things. Looked like some sort of Earth elementals. I guess we might have known. Anyhow, I missed with my thread weaving. Aleecha didn't. The fighters were taking a real thrashing from one of these Air creatures. Then I got my thread weaving done and managed to cast. I burned some more strain and made a big effort (no Hercules in our world) and managed to kill one of the elementals. Just as well really. Both Emeril and Svarta were about to be knocked unconscious. Still, the last Earth Elemental might do it. Ahem.

Escaping The Earth

The last elemental seemed more unsure of itself without it's partner. Emeril did not manage to evade it's blows and was knocked unconscious. The rest of us made a last ditched attempt to kill the bloody thing and with some bloody impressive magical effort finished it off. We patched up Emeril. The new spell that Aleecha had really helped. Svarta was also healed. So after more catching our breath we go inside the elementalist's home. We quickly realise that someone else has beaten us to it. There are tracks on the ground and some of the cupboards have been opened as some sort of powder is all over the floor. We look around and find the trap door in the ground.

In the cellar we find more stuff. Not very exciting. But then with a bit of searching we find the hidden door. Whatever creature got in they were not quite as observant as us. Emeril looked for traps on the door but did not disable the protection for the secret stash. She was a bit hurt by it. I guess her wounds were bothering her. I mean I would be pretty screwed by even a baby elemental. Anyhow, we put some more bandages on her and open the door. Inside is a large chest. Inside of that there is what Bibby was looking for. The notes telling the alchemical secrets. Or something like that. I don't know. There are also five small chests. Each contains a few vials of pure elements. Worth quite a bit. This should help to pay for our stay in Haven.

After this beating we take Bibby back to Haven and try and take a good rest. But the next morning it is obvious that Emeril is suffering. With what though? After spending the day trying to find out what we have a few rumors. Nothing concrete though. Some thing that stops people from healing. And of course the other people who have had this ended up dead. Not really the best information we could have found. Then all hell breaks lose as Haven is attacked. Well what could we do but go and help?

The walls of Haven were filled with groups and we watched as the evil hordes came up to the walls. Of course not everyone has good ranged combat skills but both Aleecha and I do so that is all right. So we start blasting the heck out of the horror things in front of us. They were not terribly tough and died quite quickly. So almost before it was started it was over. The horror creatures were all dead. It turns out that perhaps once a month this happens. I guess whatever is at the heart of the ruined city of Parlainth tries to get rid of us heroes.

That night we all decided to try and help Emeril but how to stay awake? We all tried but the thing managed to get past us. We then decided that we would rest during the day so that all of us could stay awake. So we did. That night we all sat watching round Emeril as she slept. I was looking at her astrally when I spotted something. This sort of big dog shaped thing was attached astrally to her. We managed to find this thing and beat some shit out of it before it ran away. Hopefully now that it knows we are on to it it will stay away?

While Emeril healed her wounds we all researched various things. Like where the Poison Golem was? Where do the Steel Men hang out?

Bar Hopping

After we had all healed it was time to plan the next bar escapade. I.e. what equipment we might need. So we thought about that and then set off. Our journey to the City Of Splendor pub was almost uneventful. But not quite. As we entered Parlainth a warrior seemed to almost appear out of thin air. He claimed to be a warrior of the Passion please fill me and that we had attracted this gods pleasure. In return for being funny and entertaining the god was offering us a crystal that empowered us with extra strength. We simply had to want to draw on the power of the Passion. We all agreed to take the crystal and received one each. I tried to look at it but could not see anything obviously wrong with it. Time would tell, I guess.

The warrior vanished virtually before our eyes. Not sure what to make of it all really. Never look a gift horse in the mouth? But we are in corrupted city Parlainth? Hmm.

We got close to the location of the bar and sent Emeril in to have a scout about. As Emeril looked round the outside of the bar from it's porch area we walked towards it. Then the weird astral vision I was having resolved itself into some fighters and Windling archers. Svarta took most of the battle to the fighters and Emeril waded in. Aleecha and I started to pick off the archers. Emeril decided to try out the crystal she had been given by the warrior. She was trying to take one the fighters alive but she insread killed him. I.e. the power from the crystal was not quite so benigne. It did not take too long to whittle down their numbers. Two of the fighters were killed and we tied up the other one. The f***ing Windlings had flown off. Little shits that they are. Anyhow, we looted the bodies and went into the bar.

My astral sense spell was still running so I took a look at Emeril. After not being able to hold back her killing blow she was curious about the crystal. I was a bit shocked. From the centre of the crystal some black worm was sending tendrils into her body up her arm. She did not feel like letting go of the crystal though we asked her to. I dropped mine on the ground and smashed it. I really don't want to accidently make the situation any worse. Aleecha decided to keep her crystal. not quite sure why. Maybe I don't want to know? Hey. Not my bad really. Svarta please fill me in.

Emeril wanted something done about the presence invading her body but there is virtually nothing I know about this so it will have to wait until we get back to Haven. Although what people will say or do if they find out is anyone's guess. I think we will have to be very careful. Being Horror marked is bad enough but this? Dear Passion this is way worse. Maybe I am blowing this out of all proportion, I am not sure.

The door to the bar was locked but Emeril made short work of getting us inside. The decoration was not to my taste but we found the balcony and some wine. I doubt wither it will pay for our trip though. Emeril, Svarta and I needed a night to recover from the fight so we barricaded the door and spent an uneventful evening. The next morning we set off to the location the ghost had given us.

From the outside the place was fairly unassuming. Just looked like a shop. The windows showed an empty place. But the locks on the door were awesome. The door was also held closed by spells. I spent a while but managed to dispell the traps and things on the door. Emeril then managed to get the lock unlocked. Good work that.

Inside the place was a bit of a surprise. A very pleasant sitting room with an uncorrupted Wax man servant. He came forward and we gave him the Theran's cloak which he hung up. So this place got away without being destroyed. We put the Theran down and explored. The place was OK. Not very ostentatious in it's decor. But nice I guess. We eventually found a stairway down. The trouble was it was a long and protected stairway. Svarta and I could not manage to prevent ourselves from falling or rolling should I say, down. We did not take too much damage as we had both been bumping down the stairs on our bottoms. So we did not have any forward momentum to cause any real damage. There was a landing with a door in front of it.

Emeril examined the door and it was just a locked door. She managed to open it quite quickly. Inside there were some quite pretty looking pieces of equipment. A shield and some crystals in one corner on a plinth. In the other corner the stone golem was not crystalised. It attacked us. Since none of us knew the command word to stop it killing it was the only option. Emeril started to fight it but defensively, Svarta helping. The rest of us began to use magic to try and kill it. The two fighting it got battered while Aleecha and I zapped it. Aleecha managed to get a Withered limb off and slowed it down. Then I managed to get a good hit against it and it crumpled. Whew. That was good. Of course, while we were busy the Theran spoke to the wax golem and left after it untied him. Maybe Aleecha's idea of hamstringing him were not so bad after all?

All we need to do is work out how to carry the stone golem. It is worth a small fortune.

Killing Spree

With the inginuity of a smart person Svarta rigs up a travios to take the things we have found back. These include in no order :-

  • a scale model of Parlainth
  • a shiny shield, named Cadrissus.
  • a pair of bracers. One with a flame symbol, one with a wind symbol. Named Kelm Bloodgrip.
  • a shiny necklace, named Sillith.
  • the remains of a stone golem.

Now clearly this is a lot of loot. <sigh> At least we should be able to pay for all of our accommodation and storage costs. Once we let a few people know we were successful we got a fabulous offer for the stone golem, 25,000 silver but in the form of elemental coins. So only twenty five coins.

The scale model revealed a very interesting feature. A part of the model was slightly different from the rest. It lifted out. Inside was a large crystal which fitted the key thing we had. It fitted and the gibberish that the key showed changed. The letters formed some words, "speak aloud the name of the founder of Thera." Which Svarta managed to remember. So now we just needed to find out where this chanting or shouting needed to be. The building from the model was a farm house. We knew we had to get into the farm somehow. But how?

Underneath where the crystal was held was a map of what looked like tunnels. in a sort of H shape leading from somewhere under the Farm. I guess that there is where we have to say the founder's name.

The airship owner who also ran the betting circuit knew of the farm. It turns out to be one of the landmarks that the War Golems use as control points. He said he would fly us over the region. For a small fee. We agree on this but what to do with the loot?

Having already spoken to Bibby we met him and he swore a blood oath to not steal our goods and to help us identify them. He also joined the Blood head boony. So he moved into our accommodation with us. Another person to pay their way for. Not sure who is getting the better deal? But the equipment is worth a bloody fortune and without identification is as much use as a large set of rocks. We will have to live with this.

We awake the next morning after a few days rest to find the city watch outside. They are not what I would like as a watch but this is not our town. They then proceeded to accuse Emeril of having killed two people. An outrage. I am sure she would have invited us all to any death duels she was planning. In fact I would lay good odds to it. Anyhow, we argued this with the guards people to no avail. Emeril is guilty in their eyes. Simply because they seem to have been killed in a sneaky sort of way. I am 100% sure that there are other thieves in this town. But because the Blood moon hawkers have a bad reputation with these guys it must be out fault.

We all go and have a look at the bodies. They had been removed from the scene virtually immediately. Highly suspicious to me. They were killed expertly using a dwarf sword. A very common weapon. The people were asleep when the attack took place and having been killed with a single blow Aleecha was reluctant to try and do experience death. I doubt it would have told us anything.

The site of the murder was a low class establishment. Average security leading to an average death. There is no physical evidence that Emeril did this. I.e. this was a put up job. We then met with the bookmaker and we flew off. As we were leaving a small squad of warriors became visible. So our mysterious murderous benefactors appeared. We waved and flew off over Parlainth.

The trip was routine and we saw the city beneath us. Quite a pretty sight if it were not for the Horror corrupted death waiting round every corner. We landed at the farm and had a look at it. It was more a statue of a farm rather than a real working building. I.e. it was a stone statue of a farm. We had a quick look for secret entrances and found nothing. Allecha had to vandalise it with the Death head boony symbol. <shrug> Who am I to argue.

I was kind of looking through my pockets when, what should I find but a crystal. A bloody, Horror cursed F**ing crystal! Life can not get any better eh? Svarta checked her pockets as she had also tried to smash her crystal. Yes, her pocket contained one. I had thought only one of us was in danger from these things but I guess not. Bother.

We set off towards the tunnel into the ground just on the other side of the large open air square. As we got closer Emeril noticed some Theran bodies on the ground. We examined them but they had not real insignias or identification. This would explain where some of the fighting men had got to from Haven. But there were not enough men to account for the full twenty two or so that should be here somewhere, only three.

Some Wax men were sheltering in the hole. As we approached they came out to meet us. What friendly things they are. After blasting them all to bits the tunnels were a bit dull. We went left, as always and found another two Wax men guarding. They spotted Emeril as she tried to sneak up on them but they did not manage to hurt her and we all killed them fairly quickly.

From the tunnel ahead we heard a voice talking to itself like. It had a strange sound to it. Almost metallic in nature. We moved forward and saw our first Steel Man. And what a Steel man. We had been told that Bitterness was running this part of town. He was using a sand pit to draw out some strategy formations. He was not terribly happy to see us and we then tried to kill him.

All went OK for a little while. But not for terribly long. Bitterness was not too hard to hit with physical weapons but his armor was very tough to get past so the fighters really struggled. He also had huge amounts of spell defense. So Aleecha and I started burning through Karma to hit him with magic. We slowly began to hit and damage him. But Emeril and Svarta were taking a horrendous beating. Emeril tried to taunt Bitterness and he retreated into an en garde position. We then paused, after Emeril had another swing at him. She really should not have. Bitterness really hurt her with his counter attack. We then stopped a second time and Bitterness offered his surrender. Of course we could have beaten him. Maybe.

Bitterness then asked us if we were playing by the agreed rules. I said yes. He then said he conceded this part of town to Never Surrender and that he and his troops would withdraw. That was OK by us. Bitterness then mentioned that Never Surrender was using the 23rd legion and US and that this was not entirely fair. Perhaps we should have made him a better offer? Although thinking about it now, if he thought we were outside of the game he might simply have killed us all.

The Steel man, Bitterness, then left with his troops. Oh, there were a lot of Wax men, lead by Stone Men and commanded by Bitterness himself.

Well phase one if complete, now where do we start shouting?

There's a what?

We had taken quite a pounding from Bitterness. Well I say we but mainly Emeril and Svarta. Gosh were they suffering. So Aleecha does the healing thing and they look a bit better. Not the best but the walking wounded.

We then start to explore the rest of the tunnels. Clearly we had to discuss the amount of time before the other Steel Golem Never Surrender sends in his troops. I guess we have maybe four hours before we are not alone. Having a running battle as we try and leave may not be the best solution. As I said we start to examine tunnels.

There is not terribly much choice. In fact virtually none. So we headed towards the big room. There are some Therans having a good look about. It took me a minute to understand how they had got past the guards. One of them was an Illusionist and hid them as they walked in bold as brass. The room was a large one with a large mezanine floor or walkway round it. On this there were several of them looking at things. I started by attacking the one closest to us. That slowly drew the attention of the others. We managed to get rid of some of them when a large column of "dust" spiraled out of the ground. It coalesced into a figure. A rather unpleasant looking one at that. Thinking back to the documents we had it looked like we had found the Poison Golem.

It was a busy few minutes as we were trying to kill this Troll in crystal plate. It lashed out with a fear attack. This meant that Emerik would not attack him. Not what we could have wished for. So yes, he was as slow as us but was very hard to kill. We had managed to hurt him while Emeril watched this Poison creature. Emeril spotted some strange face within the dust but was not sure what it really was. The poison golem killed a couple of the Therans. Not all of them but anything to help us helped. If you know what I mean.

As the poison golem approached the troll ran for it. Emeril and Svarta tried their best but this thing was tough. Very tough. It took a lot of effort to hit and we were all worn down from fighting Bitterness. To say the least we chipped away at this bloody thing. Aleecha and I had to get stuck in and then Emeril went down. She had struggled to stay with us but the tole of damage was too much. The poison golem began to play with us. Fucking horror thing inside it enjoying the cat and mouse fight. Svarta tried to land a few good blows but the passions were not with us. After almost being knocked out myself we made a concerted effort to kill thing monster. Then after it poisoned us one last time we hit it and it fell back into the dust from where it had came from. Boy were we happy.