Doom: the board game

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Doom and Doomed

DOOM: The Board Game

A board game for two to four players created by Kevin Wilson and published by Fantasy Flight Games in 2004. An expansion was also released for it, featuring more terrain, monster and player pieces.

The Premise

Based on the PC game 'DOOM 3', the goal is simple. Close the hell portal, send the Devil back to Hell. How to accomplish this? Blow the everlasting crap out of him and his minions.

Based around a team of three marine players and a GM controlling the invaders, the marines must get to the exit of the level before dying a set amount of times. This task is made difficult by the need to collect keycards to open security doors, terrain hazards and of course the legion of demons blocking your path.

That said, it isn't a completely unbalanced fight. Whilst you only start with your fists and a pistol, you can acquire old friends such as Mr Shotgun, the SMG, the Plasma Rifle and the party favourite, the Bio-Force Gun. There is also mention of the legendary Soulcube, but only the most stalwart of hell-delvers will ever near that artefact.


In a similar fashion to the classic D&D, you get figures on a set board layout which you can move, interact and attack with. Marines get a 'bin' which contains they ammo, health and armour tokens, as well as any keycards or other items of value (including health packs!). However, unlike most systems, the effectiveness of your weapon is determined by the outcome of the die and not by a flat stat system.

The die used in DOOM are special die, with counters to represent damage, range and ammo expense. Different coloured die have different chance levels of damage, range and ammo expense. For example, a red die has a lot of damage but little range, whereas a green die has a lot of range but little damage. Picking the right weapon with the right combination of die can be critical to success.

The Invader get various power cards which gives the GM abilities, ranging from locking doors and spawning monsters, to swapping weapons and wasting player ammo.

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