Design For Living - Tag's Diary - Session 2.4

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Romanov asked Bloom and I to travel with him to save his father Bleys. We ended up at a prison. We came under attack from ant people. These were not that difficult to slay, I shifted over to the gate, which they were pouring out from. I severed the gate whilst it was still active. Note DO NOT DO IT AGAIN it hurts. Everything went black I awoke to Bloom healing me, we then forced our way through the prison, and freed Bleys. Bleys was not as friendly as he seemed. he attacked both Bloom and Romanov, rendering the pair unconscious, I left Bleys in the shadow where we were, and shifted the other to Fenneval. Romanov trumped blaze to Fenneval, but as we were about to engage him, he vanished to Chaos. We followed, however Gramble was waiting for us. A short fight ensued which Gramble was winning. Then everything went black

The Thoughts of Tag.

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