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A brief glossary of Amber specific terms:

ADRPG ADRPG stands for 'Amber Diceless Roleplaying Game'.
Amberite Someone who either lives in Amber, or is of Amber heritage. This can be confusing as the residents of Amber, while Amberites, are not of the Blood of Amber and can therefore not generally walk the Pattern.
Canon The Canon is the set of texts upon which a campaign is based. In most Amber games the Canon is a subset of the Chronicles of Amber, consisting of the Corwin Chronicles and Merlin Chronicles and six well known Short Stories. There are however other Amber based texts which may be used in addition to the basics. Each campaign will set out what texts they will be using as Canon and any alterations to the canon to ensure that the players are clear what assumptions can be made prior to taking actions within the game.
Chaosian Someone who either lives in Chaos, or is of Chaosian heritage.
Contributions Contribution s are a means of gaining advancement points for your character. Contributions can be made in many forms and while they are at the GM's discretion, common contributions include: Trump Drawings, Character Stories and Background, Character Diaries, Session Summaries etc.
DRPG DRPG stands for 'Diceless Roleplaying Game'. This is most often used in the form 'ADRPG'.
Real Real is a term giving to a place that is both a power base and a source of Shadow. Amber and Chaos are examples of Real locations. The locations form the poles between which shadow lies.
Shadow Shadow is the 'stuff' between the real worlds and can be viewed as an infinite array of parallel worlds which range between in aspect between the two poles of reality. Those with power over Shadow are able to traverse Shadow between the poles of reality.
Trump Images These are usually empowered playing card sized drawings of individuals that can be used to communicate across shadow. The trumps can also be used to transport the user to the destination (if the drawing is a location), allow passage to the person (if the trump is a drawing of a person and the person is willing), or initiate mental combat with the person the trump is drawn of.
Trumps See 'Trump Images'

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