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The world of Frea, also know as the Fea court, my home. In the fea court there are two royal familys, the Kings family, is the first and the kings brother is the second, a kings sister would be called the third but right now there is no thired family. I am the only child of the second royal family, the kings family has one son, Kai and an adopted son Traz. Kai was like my brother and he often told me i was like his little sister, he even called me sister, even in poblic noone cared, but when i was 9 he left for battel with my fahter, Kai was 18 when he left. In Frea you can leave the world at 17, Marrie at 18. My world holds many secreats, more then i will say here beacuse of the great power it has.

360p5 Rivendell.jpg

This is the court house where i learned of my fathers fate, and where my mother left me.

Rivendel banner.jpg

This is my house, where i live with my help mother.

Flora.JPG Ethal(help mother).JPG

My mother Princess Flora of Amber. And my help mother Ethal, a lady of the court.

King Demon.jpg

The King of Fea, he has seen many wars in his time. And he has a shadow past and he has shadow people working for him, you would think i would be scared, but it didnt bother me, most kids cryed seeing him like this but then again people useally only see him if they need to.


My dearest frined Kai, the first prince of Frea.


This is Traz, he thinks he so perfect, for some reason all the girls love him and think hes so cute, yuck, hes so not cute or even nice, i hate him.


This is my father, Prince Wilco of Fea. He is not my true father, but he loves me and i love him all the same. His not as scary as his brother, then again this would be his first war as he is only 35 and the king is nearly a hundred, in humon years that is, one hundred humon years is about a thousond fea years or somthing like that i dont know, when iam 19 in humon years i will be 19000 years old in fea but we look like our humon ages.

Life in Fea was good Kai and i were best friends and he always took care of me like i was his own little sister, i think that made Traz more mad because Kai never really acepted him in the family because he was trouble, always braking things and makeing up lies about everyone even me and that always made Kai very mad.

"Traz just grow up and leave her alone"

"I can do what i want iam of the first family"

"I am older then you and i will be king and i will make the rules and if you ever hurt her i will make you disapear."

Kai went to speak with his father i was in class so i didnt know what was going on,

"Father make me a promise before i leave for the war,"

"Anything my son"

"If Traz ever hurts Bloom, i want him gone, i hate him hurting her and now that iam leaving i fear he will get worse"

"Yes i thought that two and have made aragements for that"

"Brother may i speack?"

"Of course,"

"I will protect your son in battel, please take care of Bloom, and if i should not return from this war, please take her in to the first family so that you can watch her,"

"You two think i havent thought of her, Bloom is well know and well loved by all in Frea, i already made aragnments for what you have asked, do not worrie just come home safe"

They bowed before the king, and left the chamber. i was in class i looked out the window and saw them leaveing, it was not royal to run to the soilders as they left but i couldnt help it, i got up from my seat and ran to the window i shouted


"Bloom... what the..."

"What is she doing?"

"Princess stop"

i jumped out the window, i felt Ethal grab my shirt but it slipt throw, then i heard everyone shout in fear, but i wasnt scared i tramsformed into my true fea form, i did it right for the first time, and flew over to my father and landed in his arms.

"Bloom you did it, you did it darling you changed into your true form,"

"Well done little sis"

"I did, i wanted you to see before you left i wish mother could see it"

"I think i need to recover from my heart attack before i see more of that"


"Princess Flora"

"I came to see you off dear, good luck"

"Good bye father, good bye brother"

"good bye Bloom, my lady,"

"Goodbye sweetie be good for your mother, by darling"

"Come back safe"

And that was it the were gone, i would never see my father again, i was glad he got to see my transformation, it was a happie time in a young feas life when they change it means they are ready to be grow that they are ready for the world i was the youngest fea in history to change and i was glad all i loved could see it.

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