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Death on the Reik

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A large adventure for Warhammer Fantasy Roleplay, being the second part of The Enemy Within campaign (proposed by Neil Smith).

"The time shall come when the enemies of Chaos shall relax their guard. Looking out from their fortresses, they shall pay no heed to the shadow at their backs. Then shall the Great Mutator cause the warped moon to awaken, and the beloved of Morr shall clear his throat and spit upon the lands of the Empire. And where his spittle doth land, there shall the weak feat to tread, but the possesor the spittle wield great power."

The mighty River Reik. The longest waterway in the whole of the Old World, stretching for 750 miles from its source in the Black Mountains to the sea at Marienburg. The Reik and its tributaries are the arteries of the Empire, flowing through the dark forests to link its great cities.

In many ways, the life of the whole of the west and south of the Empire depends upon the river -- for trade and communications, for the water it brings to the fields, and for its bountiful fish and waterfowl.

As the river flows untroubled to the sea, strange things are moving on its forested banks and, somewhere along its upper reaches, a great evil festers and grows. It has lain dormant for over a century, but now a prophecy is fulfilled, and an unimaginable horror is awoken in the heart of Sigmar's Realm. And the horror is spreading.

The rot must be cut out before it is too late. But first, it must be found...