Danse de la Mort Session 6

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John Harley Matheson is in the custody of two young police officers on his way to the station for a discussion with Detective Rample.

Becky Lynn is assisting Detective Rample with his investigations into the brutal death of her brother. Her mother and father are in attendance as they all wait patiently for the arrival of the last person to see her brother alive.

Detective Rample receives a preliminary report from the coroner suggesting that William Robert died as a result of some kind of animal attack, although the size of the claw marks are causing some confusion.

Detective Rample is called into see his captain and informed, not altogether subtely, that John Harley Matheson is not to be detained and is probably, in fact, not the man he is looking for.

Becky Lynn phones Jack and informs him of everything that is currently going on. Jack phones Rample and suggests that he leave the building post haste. Jack then picks up Tina and they both tear up the highway and set about tailing the police cars with John Harley Matheson in them.

Jack phones Alexander and brings him up to date with what is happening.

Augusto Vidal, Moncada and Alexander arrive at the police station.

The Prince enters the room with the Adlers and engages in genial conversation in an attempt to encourage the elder Adlers to leave Becky Lynn to her own decisions. To little effect. The Prince requests a short private meeting with Becky Lynn which her parents object to but Becky Lynn ignores their protests and she and the Prince leave the Adlers for a adjoining room.

William Caprinus Adler storms up to see the station captain and exerts some pressure into his preventing his daughter meeting with Augusto Vidal. The Captain has other pressure groups to consider and assures Mr Adler he will do everything in his power to assist. He does nothing.

Meanwhile, Becky Lynn is suffering a grilling by The Prince who demands to know what she thinks she is doing and how she was planning on ensuring that The Masquerade was maintained. Becky Lynn is abashed at her behaviour and promises to make ammends by calling her friends to intervien on the immenent arrival of Matheson. She calls Edward.

Edward knows everything now... well, except that the Prince is listening to the phone call. Edward calls Andrea and tells her that she may be able to use this as leverage with the Prince. Andrea reasons that if Matheson is on the way to the city then the Prince and his cronies are going to have their hands full and suggests that Edward come to an address she gives. On arrival Edward assists Andrea in escaping from her guards who have no source of backup with the Prince kind of tied up. Edward and Andrea disappear into the city.

Meanwhile, Jack phones Alexander and tells him that the police cars have pulled off the highway and stopped. After a few minutes they pull away again. The Prince later suggests that Matheson was probably stoping for a quick bite.

Jack then phones Becky Lynn to inform her of what is going on and Vidal grabs the phone and gives Jack instructions to force the police cars to a stop at a specified junction.

Augusto Vidal, Moncada and Alexander leave the police station at haste.

At the specified junction Jack pulls alongside the police car then swerves right clipping the wing and then handbrake spins hitting the police cars right wing as well and causing the police car to spin into a lamp post. Matheson wastes no time in leaving the vehicle and running down the road. Moncada and Alexander, who were parked on the opposite side of the road, give chase as does Jack. A police office screams for Jack to stop and shoots at him, with little effect.

One police officer from the rear car gives chase after Jack whilst the other radios for backup. Tina decides that the first police car should be commendered and kicks the two prone offices in this car over and drives up the road chasing after the others.

Matheson turns into an alleyway and unwatched by kine eyes uses celerity to tear up the alleyway. Moncada and the others do the same and Moncada catches Matheson near the other end of the block. A blurred fight ensues between Matheson and Moncada. Blood flies as Mathesons claws tear into Moncada and Moncada lashes out at Matheson faster than the eye can follow. Jack helps the home team and fires a few rounds into Matheson whilst Alexander is content to watch. Tina arrives and is soon accosted by a police officer who she shots with a gun appropriated from one of the officers in her car.

The brutality of Matheson seems to lose out to the skill and speed of Moncada, who is a phenomenal fighter, and Matheson steps back from the fight for an instance and turns to mist. He slowly floats up to the top of the building. Moncada and Jack chase the departing cloud using a nearby fire escape. At the top of the building Matheson floats over to an adjacent building forcing the pursuers to jump the gap to continue. Moncada makes it. Jack takes a flying lesson.

The Prince turns up and instructs Tina that she had best remove the police officer who witnessed most of the fight. She complies.

Meanwhile, the Adlers suggest that they would be better off leaving the police to do their work and take Becky Lynn home. After some protest it is clear that they will have their way and she accomponies them. When home they retire and she goes to spend the day diggig up the daisies in the grounds. Come sundown she returns to the house to find her mother distraught again. She has phoned the family psychiatrist and the police and leaves Becky Lynn and her father whilst she goes to set them straight.

Becky Lynn feeds on her father and then in turn feeds him some blood.

When her mother returns, she does the same to her.

Some days later, the coterie, minus Edward, obtains a meeting with one of the ranking Mekhets in the city, Coco Duquet who is most welcoming but not overly informative.