Danse de la Mort Session 5

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The coterie are fast on their way to identifying and confronting all their sires. Each knows the name of their sire and only John Harley Matheson and Lucas Gates need to be confronted. In order to extend their knowledge they arrange for a meeting with Antoine Savoy. Antoine readily agrees and arranges to meet the coterie at a local backstreet eatery, which seems to be unusually quiet.

Antoine Savoy is accompanied by Natasha Preston, who seems cool and slightly withdrawn. Conversation is light as Antoine gently probs the coteries political and religious affiliations. He is quite open about his distaste for the Prince and sees nothing wrong with expressing a healthy amount of ambition. Antoine knows of John Harley Matheson: a vampire possibly older than the Prince who is banned from New Orleans on pain of death by fire. The ban originated with the Prince and rather than being as a result of religious difference is most likely the quiet removal of a possible rival.

After some probing Natasha Preston admits to having visited John Harley Matheson on a number of occasions quite recently. John Harley Matheson is a member of the same covenant as Natasha Preston, the Invictus. They seem to wholeheartedly subscribe to the feudal system of governance; those worthy take power and hold it. Natasha Preston provides the coterie with the location of the Matheson Mansion.

The coterie go their separate ways to possibly prepare for a visit to the Matheson Mansion. Early the next night there is a knock on the door of Becky Lynn: her parents accompanied by a two police offices. (At this point Beckys father is being played by Neil Smith, her mother by Stephanie Gray, and Detective Micheal Rample by Scott Dorward (who is playing Jack who has Michael as a contact) GM). Before Becky or the good Detective can say anything William Caprinus Adler and Lucielle Balatus Adler (nee Weiss) launch a verbal barage at Becky. In brief they are appalled at her current behviour and demand that she return home this instance. William is less than impressed with the intervention of the Detective as he attempts to provide a safe haven, in the shape of the police station, for Becky. The detective is also interested in what Becky has to say concerning the last night that anyone saw her brother, William Robert.

The group head down to the Police station. Whilst in the back of the car Becky phones Jack to see if he can intervene in any way. Jack then phones his police contact, who is sitting in front of Becky, and asks that he go easy on her. (This makes little difference but it was lovely to watch unfold :) GM)

On arrival the detective proceeds to interview Becky. She claims to have been working with the poor and under-priviliged out of Corpus Christi Church and mentions Father John as the priest with whom she has been working. She also mentions that Jack has been working in the same church to which the Detective asks why a Jew such as Jack would be working in a Roman Catholic church. The Detective ignores the moderate confusion as he is more interested in her brothers whereabouts than her recent movements. Becky proceeds to tell the tale of the evening of her embrace omitting the more pertinent points but leaving in that her brother and Marcus took upon themselves to accept an invitation to a party at the house of one John Harley Matheson and that them departing with a well spoken and dressed young man was the last she saw of them.

The Detective dispatches a couple of squad cars up to the Matheson Mansion and the Adler women leave to take refreshments at a local quality hostelry. Mr Adler calls his helicopter and flies up to the Matheson Mansion to confront this Matheson chap and demand from him what he knows of his son. Mr Adler returns an hour later convinced that John Harley Matheson is a veritable paragon of virtue and couldn't possibly have been involved in anything associated with his sons disappearance. The police arrive at the Matheson Mansion and leave similarly convinced that John Harley Matheson knows nothing.

Detective Rample then receives a call from the County Sheriff stating that they have just fished a body with papers identifying him as William Robert Adler.

Detective Rample returns the squad cars to the Matheson Mansion to bring in John Harley Matheson for questioning concerning the suspicious death of William Robert. The squaddies are convinced of John Harley Matheson's innocence but are prodded into action with the judicious application of a loud voice.

The events end with John Harley Matheson in custody and being driven from his mansion to the police station. The Adlers are all at the police station and are understandably distraught at the news that their son may be dead.

And dawn is fast approaching.