Danse de la Mort Session 3

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Confusion ensues (not least cause the GM can't remember what the players and the characters know and don't know... or indeed what he knows or doesn't know... GM) as the cotiere is left in this new dark work with no direction or clue as to what is happening. They do the best they can in ensuring their physical security, although the abandoned meat locker for Tina and, at times, Jack seems lacking in style if not ambience. Louis retreats to his appartment with heavy black curtains and a can of black spray paint. Becky Lynn phones her parents and remembers.

At least she remembers her brother, sometimes annoying, sometimes weird and irritating, mostly drooling over her friends, but her beloved brother none-the-less, having his throat ripped out and collapsing to the ground as his life blood pools around his still twitching body. And Marcus, his husky, deep voice silenced, lying eyes wide in surprise, seemingly not even realising he was dead. Poor Marcus. Whilst trying to explain that all was well and she had not befallen any harm, Becky Lynn remembers... and tries not to scream. Her parents are less than satisfied at Becky's 'decision' to take some time to work with the poor and needy of New Orleans.

Productive Jack traces his whereabouts that evening, first through his friends and then his employer. His friends seem to be less than concerned at his more gaunt appearance and his employer is happy for Jack to take the nocturnal shift so not much seems to be changing socially at least. Jack ends up at the book shop and finds nothing peculiar but decides to leave a decidedly peculiar message in the shape of a knife stabbed through a scrawlled note: "I am one of the ones killed last night. You got any information talk to Paulo at the Club Livid".

Whilst composing his missive in the presence of Tina and Louis, a phone call is received from Alexander requesting their presence outside Corpus Christi Church where is seems something is amiss.

On arrival the coterie are confronted with a significant police presence and, more frighteningly, the Prince, Alexander and two unknown vampires who as it transpires are Antoine Savoy and Natasha Preston. There seems to be a touch of animosity between the Prince and Savoy.

Just prior to introductions with the Lord of the French Quarter, the coterie are surprised to be accosted by Edward. Edward recalls all of his last evening and, hence, knows the others, or at least knows what they went through. The others have vague recollections of knowing this vampire and that he is somehow connected with their last evening.

The Prince and Savoy outline that an incident has occurred in the Corpus Christ church that has attracted the attention of the local police force and are debating what to do. At this point Edward indicates that his sire, Andrea, entered the church and he noticed the police turning up without her having left. The Prince is notably interested in both Edward and Andrea and demands that the coterie investigate... oh, and don't cause the police to be suspicious.

The coterie enter the church with Alexander to find a scene of disarray. A violent fight has obviously occurred here and what seems to be the loser is sprawled at the bottom of the basement stairs. It is Father John. It seems that he has no blood and Alexander revives him with some of his own. Father John immediately attacks Alexander and is thumped into torpor for his troubles.

Perplexed the coterie return upstairs and move toward the church proper. On entering they are accosted by Andrea whose physical proximity seems to induce a peculiar blood frenzy. The coterie manage to suppress the frenzy and Jack, remarkably, manages to talk Alexander out of his frenzy. The ensuing fight ends with Andrea face down with a stake in her back and the coterie wondering how they are to remove both Father John and Andrea from the building without attracting the attention of the police and the reporters.

Louis convinces the police that they should move back and Jack pulls his van up to the side door for everyone to jump in. Their activities are clocked by a few of the more diligent reporters.

Jack drives a few blocks away where the Prince waves them over and removes Andrea from their care.

Certain fringe papers the following day cite reports of the 'missing' Becky Lynn Adler being spotted in some peculiar company at the Corpus Christi church in Treme District. No photographs were obtained.