Danse de la Mort Session 2

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Further hasty investigation leads the coterie to the Treme district in search of the mystery caller. Some legwork suggests that a certain woman of the night, Marie, may be of interest and that she is known to hang out around an recently burnt out palm reader's shop. On arrival the coterie split their efforts to obtain access and Jack learns a lesson in looking and leaping. The coterie finally confront the vampire Mary who admits to being Jacks sire. Mary shows signs of great remorse and sadly is lacking in memory concerning the embrace of the others. She is aware that had she not participated then the unknown instigator would have informed the Prince of her vodoun activities, resulting in her death.


At this point the players are taken through the events of the evening prior to their embrace. The players have little or no memory of these events.

Each of Becky Lynn, Tina, Jack, Louis and Edward are partaking of their own evening out on the last night of Mardi Gras.

Becky Lynn is being chaperoned by her brother, William Robert, and one of her fathers aides, Marcus Robicheaux. She is delerious with the sights and sounds of her first Mardi Gras and makes here way, following her brothers suggestion to a jazz club, Didi's.

Tina, having lost her University friends with whom she arrived has accepted an invite to a live music evening in the jazz club, Didi's. Making her way through the crowded streets of the French Quarter she is surprised and shocked by a vision of a sandy haired young man down an alley drawing his finger accross his neck in a sinister manner. Moving on through the crowds she stops to listen to a fine street improv session by ...

Edward, having hitched his way to the city, is enjoying an impromptu street session with some people he meet. A trumpeter joins the session and after a while, impressed by Edwards skills, invites Edward to perform on stage at Didi's. Before the end of the street session Edward spots Tina and makes a beeline for her after finishing. He invites her to join him at Didi's and Tina becomes a groupee.

Louis is sitting in his favourite internet cafe surveying the growing queue of Didi's and wondering if he should go home when he is interupted by Nathaniel Dubois. Nathaniel seems at a lost with his broken computer and Louis is only too happy to help. Nathaniel strikes up a conversation and ends up inviting Louis to join him and some business associates in Didi's.

Jack is working. He is tasked with picking up a package from a bookstore and delivering it to an address in Treme district. On arrival he is met by Sarah who proposes an additional bit of work. Jack is to drive four individuals from a specified location to Louis Armstrong Park before midnight tonight. He is given two photographs, Becky Lynn and Louis, and a phone and told that he will receive further instructions throughout the night. After delivering the book, Jack is texted with the pick up point; Didi's.

In Didi's, Tina and Edward have a peculiar run in with a large black woman with peculiar tatoos who is close to fighting with a sandy haired young man that Tina recognises. The fight is averted and the young man leaves, grinning at Tina. The black woman tells Edward to watch Tina. Edward doesn't need much encouragement. Jack soon recieves a photo SMS with a picture of Edward and the text '3rd Passenger'.

Louis enters with Nathaniel only to have Nathaniel leave him at a table with no explaination. Becky Lynn and her enterage appropriate a table and settle in to enjoy the evening. A young by well attried gentlemen requests the company of both Louis and Becky Lynn at his central table. He introduces himself as John Harley Matheson and proceeds to engage bothe Louis and Becky Lynn in various topics of discussion whilst providing them with considerable amounts of alcohol.

Tina settles into a table with the people who invited her to the club. Jack recieves a second photo SMS with a picture of Tina and the text '4th Passenger'. He proceeds to her table and weirds her out a bit. Edward returns from his set and ensures that he is in with a chance with Tina. Jack weirds Edward out too.

John Harley Matheson invites Louis and Becky Lynn to an exclusive party to take place in Mahalia Jackson Theatre of the Performing Arts in Louis Armstrong Park. Becky Lynns' chaperones agree as long as they can accompany her.

Jack asks Tina and Edward to accompany him to Louis Armstrong park. They refuse and begin to leave together. John Harley accosts Jack and encourages him to provide Louis, Becky Lynn and enterage a ride to the park. John Harley then catches Tina and Edward as they leave the club and convince them to join him at a soiree in the park.

On arrival at the park the group are met by Sarah and watch in horror as John Harley lashes out at William Robert and Marcus tearing their throats out. Jack is grabbed by Mary, Becky Lynn is approached by the bloody handed John Harley, Edward is bekoned by the black woman from the club, Louis is beckoned by Nathaniel and Tina is stalked by the sandy haired man.

Each person is embraced and dragged into the centre of the park where an argument ensues between Sarah and the black woman concerning the experiment. The black woman decides she will not be party to this and grabs Edward and leaves. The others leave Sarah to deal with the group by wiping their memories.

And so the story begins...