Danse de la Mort Session 1

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Surrendering to confusion, memory loss and a hunger, or more accurately, thirst the coterie finds themselves in Louis Armstrong park in the Tremé district of New Orleans. After slacking their thirst on some delectable party-goers the coterie are surprised by the appearance of a priest, Father John Marrow. Father John takes them to the relative safety of the nearby and dilapidated Corpus Christi church where he tries to reassure the coterie and calm them. He warns that there are others who will be looking for them.

In a timely fashion Alexander arrives and requests that the coterie attend the Prince of New Orleans (but we live in a republic?). He drives them to an impressive 19th century mansion on Napoleon Avenue in the Garden District. On arrival Alexander shows dismay to see a silver Mercedes owned by Moncada. The coterie are escorted to the tradesman's entrance and find themselves the recipients of a mark of penitence, in the form of ashes on their foreheads. They are left in the dark, physically and metaphorically, to sleep their first day of their Requiem.

The following night they are summoned to the presence of the Prince, Augusto Vidal, who requests a confession from each of them and instructs them to search out their sires. Alexander drops the coterie at the park where Becky Lynn has a peculiar sensation and leads the others to St. Louis cemetery. At the cemetery the coterie discover evidence of a vodoun ritual and a mobile phone. The phone rings and a rather distraught female gives a dire warning to Jack before she is cut off. Jack duly informs his Michael Rample (a police detective friend of his) of the bloody graves.

The coterie phone Alexander who returns post haste and phones Moncada who requests that the coterie attend him. Alexander and Jack drive the coterie to the church on the Loyola University Campus where they meet with Moncada. The coterie are informed that this woman is a blasphemer and a heretic and should be found and dealt with as is fitting. Moncada also believes that this woman is likely to know something about the coterie's embrace and that this information should sought post-haste.