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An Over the Edge campaign for three to six players.

Last year you were an fairly ordinary person living a fairly ordinary life. Then it happened: maybe your crazy cousin Arnie asked you to deliver the left leg of a Barbie doll to an anonymous house in the suburbs; maybe your ex-wife started sending you emails inviting you to join a pyramid scheme dealing in human kidneys; maybe you discovered that the subscription inserts in all your magazines could be decoded into instructions for the lasting disruption of broadcast television. Regardless of what brought you to their attention, you were stopped by Control before you got a chance to do anything stupid.

After some swift re-education, Control have decided that you have potential. They have trained you as an operative to fight their corner in the coming ontological wars. You still don't really know who Control work for or what the full scope of their remit is. All you have to know is how to follow orders and that what you're doing is the right thing.

Now it's time for your first assignment: you will be sent to the island of Al Amarja to fight the battle for sanity and order in the cesspool of madness that passes for daily life there. No one has told you exactly what this involves yet, but surely your superiors know what they're doing.

Armed with only a one-way plane ticket and a contact telephone number, you set out...


GM: Scott Dorward