Children of the Glyphs character creation

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(Background information for the Children of the Glyphs campaign)

Characters will probably be either Knights of the Empire, or members of the Great Houses.

30 points to distribute among primary, secondary and tertiary attributes. Primary attributes increase by the number of points spent. Secondary ratings increase by 1.5 times the number spent on them. Depending on their narrowness and utility, tertiary attributes have a rating of at least twice the number of points spent on them.

70 points to spend on Glyphs. Each character should have a Birthright Glyph (unless you have a particularly pressing reason not to), which is probably where the majority of these points will go. You may also want to leave a pool of points for creating Chaos Glyphs in play.

In addition to granting an ability, a Glyph grants a bonus to one or more relevant attributes, chosen by the player. For example, Eric has a Glyph of the Soul's Price, which grants him an insight -- in the form of a brief vision -- into what someone truly wants. This is a 10-point custodial Glyph. The player decides to break that 10-point attribute bonus down as follows: 5-points added to Presence, 3 to Empathy (5, with the 1.5-times multiplier), and 2 points on a Bargaining specialisation for Expression (4, with a 2-times multiplier).

10 points to distribute between Influence and Contacts. Points spent on Contacts may represent groups or individuals, but more likely the former. 10 points represents a significant power within the particular arena, while zero would be a complete unknown.