Burnt Offerings

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Growing up as an orphan is tough, but in the village of Sandpoint at least there was the church orphanage which gave you a home - at least, until it burnt down five years ago, killing most of the only real family you ever knew.

Now the remaining members of the orphans return to see the opening of the new church that is dedicated to the memory of those who were lost... but a ancient forgotten evil is beginning to wake, powered by...BURNT OFFERINGS

The plan is to run this using a D&D edition or similar , with a few house rules and good ideas pinched from other systems. Previous runs of this at MKRPG took 1 block to 2 blocks (max). Contact Andrew Nicholson for more details.

Q&A (2017)

Which edition of D&D will you use for the 2017 run ?;
It will either be 'Basic Fantasy' (a 1st edition clone),similiar to Lamentations of the Flame Princess, but somewhat closer to 'standard' D&D in setting and tone.

Q: Will the sequel scenarios be run ?
A: The plan is to run the scenario as a stand alone. I may run other scenarios from the campaign in future.. but as seperate stand alones (and not back to back blocks). Previous experience was running the entire campaign back-to-back was incredible fun but too exhausting.

Previous Q & A for the 2014 run

Q: Whats the world background ?
A: It'll be a combination of Golarion (the standard PF world) and Harn (from Columbia Games) with players being able to add some of their own bits.
Q: Whats the Magic level ?
A: There will be no magic shops - magic items will be available through adventuring or self creation but will be rare for "the rest of the world"...so it will be no easy task ot "cash them in". Possible, but not easy.
Q: Will you be using firearms?
A: No.
Q: Will there be player diary books like in your CoC game?
A: yes, provided I can get my printer working again
Q: Will the whole campaign be run ?
A: Initial plan is to run the first scenario(s).
Q: What background info can you give on alignment, religions (etc)
A: Its recommended but not required that PCs will be good aligned (for reasons related to plot arc).
Potential Deities for clerics : Larani lady of Paladins (equivalent of Iomedae from PF) , Siem (god of dreams, equivalent of Desna), and Ilvir (God of the barren cycle), S'ave K'nor (God of Knowledge) .
Q: Any other info ?
A: Yes - I find folks playing with their gadgets at the gaming table to be a distraction at best, and rude at worst. There'll be a "Put the damn thing away" rule at the table. And yes, this means you.