Bliss Stage MK Session One

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It was a pleasant summer's day, and the kids were playing in the shops and corridors of the Xscape centre when Tic's voice came over the Tannoy, announcing that all pilots and anchors were required at the control room. He was quite agitated when they arrived (none too quickly in some cases) and, fighting to keep his thoughts coherent, he told them that there were drones closing in on the cell's HQ and that all pilots were to scramble into the dreamworld to intercept them.

Kim entered the crèche first and formed an ANIMa composed of white light, with a glowing morningstar as a weapon. She headed down out of the giant fridge that forms the crèche's dreamworld analogue and into the fairground that opens up from the bottom of the fridge. There she encountered a moving carpet of jewelled insects and let them swarm over her in a wave in order to get in a position to stop them.

Miranda created an anima which looked like plate armour and headed out the top of the fridge, only to encounter a spike of aliens ramming down into her.

Finally Jessica went out through the back of the fridge, down a series of tight, dark corridors with sharp, angled turns. Fluke panicked when he realised that the walls of the corridor were made up of aliens, and they suddenly closed in on Jessica.