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Bliss Stage

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Seven years from now, humanity is in ruins, devastated by a ferocious alien occupier from the edges of our understanding. The adults of the world have been undone by the aliens' seduction, and the future of humanity is now a slowly dwindling population of child survivors.

But there is still hope for humanity's future. A small group of survivors, led by a still-waking adult, have managed to reverse engineer the alien remotes, and have used this technology to make a new generation of weapons that can be used to strike at humanity's enemies in their world of dreams. This weapon is called an Alien Numina Inversion Machine, or ANIMa, and it it allows a teenage pilot to enter the dream world and form a mechanized battle-suit out of the spirits of her friends, lovers, and enemies. With this weapon, she can fight the aliens on their own terms, striking at the very heart of their occupation.

Now, after seven years of despair, this brave group of soldiers are striking the first blows of a war that will determine the fate of the earth, humanity, earth, and their own hearts.

Please note: Bliss Stage is a grim, grim game. It's a game for people who can't abide the cheery optimism of Call of Cthulhu or Kult. It's about child soldiers, and bad things will happen to young people. It is also pretty frank about sexuality. Don't sign up for it if any of these things will upset you.

For details of the Bliss Stage MK campaign played in the club, see the Bliss Stage MK campaign page.