Beyond the Mountains of Madness

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In 1931 the Lake expedition made the scientific find of a lifetime. Within 24 hours they were all dead, their camp destroyed.

''The rescue team were all sworn to silence over the astounding truth of what they found.

Set in 1933, this follows the Starkweather-Moore Antarctic Expedition as it seeks to find out what truly happened in 1931.

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This campaign is based on the supplement that was the (joint) winner of the vote for the "Best campaign" at the premier Call of Cthulhu forum


"The campaign is set in 1933, three years after the Dyer-Lake expedition from Miskatonic University discovered some extremely unusual biological samples at the base of a colossal mountain range in Antarctica. Disastrously, most of the expedition was killed in a tremendous gale, and their samples, notes, and equipment were scattered beyond recovery. '
The investigators are invited to join a new expedition, led by the famous explorer James Starkweather and Professor William Moore, a noted geologist and paleontologist. Starkweather and Moore aim to complete the work started by the MU expedition, and explore the mountain range, now known as the "Miskatonic Mountains."
The expedition readies its supplies and equipment - including four aircraft – and after a few mishaps sails from New York on the SS Gabrielle. The tension rises steadily as the expedition sets out from the Ross Ice Shelf to the site of the disaster, and builds to a climax as a smaller party presses on and experiences horror and tragedy beyond the mountains.
The Starkweather-Moore expedition is not the only party of explorers on the Ice in the summer of 1933. Another American expedition, led by millionaire industrialist Acacia Lexington, is camped on the Ross Ice Shelf. The Germans have also despatched a large expedition, ostensibly to assay the natural resources of the continent. These competing parties have their own part to play in the horrific conclusion. In conclusion, Beyond the Mountains of Madness is a fine product, but is only for experienced GMs and players. I know that I will be assembling an Antarctic expedition soon. "''

Note: I will be using the occassional video that may include flashing lights. Players with a history of epilepsy should inform the GM in advance.

All players will receive some props and audios of the game play to take away with them as souvenirs.