Aysylum week 5 and 6

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(a writeup for the Asylum game)

Beginning in the back of the stolen ambulance, Battersby reveals that he was a wanted criminal fleeing his home planet of Euai: also on the run were a hitman, a propagandist for a corrupt regime, a war criminal wanted for his vile experiments on live subjectsa and the operator of the network who arranged for their 'emigration'. The regime on their home planet has changed and the government is anxious to clean up the mess left by the old regime...

The fugitives arrange to meet with Helena French, the FBI agent who was on their side immediately after the plane crash, to see if she can fill them in on the details of why Battersby was being held and who else was after him; she brings along Nathaniel Horowitz, a PI who runs an intelligent conspiracy theory web-site, because his experiences seem to relate in some way to that of the fugitives. The neutral site of Griffith Park is chosen for the meeting, but someone else has staked it out and the group become involved in a fire fight; Jerome tries to provide cover from a building across the street but the attackers are armed with force-fields and other alien technology. Lyndon discharges his stun grenade on maximum range and everyone within a one-block radius of the park falls unconcious, except the intended targets! Jerome, Bob and Giuseppe manage to take out half the attackers, forcing the rest into retreat; Lyndon and Helena are both attacked by a device that leaves them completely suggestible; Nate makes a run for it back to his apartment where he procedes to trash his files and flee the city! Jerome warns the group that another craft is descending, though it remains invisible to eveyone else, and curtains of light sweep through the streets of LA, picking up people at random! One of the people who gets picked up is Nate, who promptly rings Helena on his mobile to ask if she can get him off an alien spaceship! The fugitives tell Helena what to say and head for Nate's apartment, to see if they can recover any information from the remains; along the way, they accidentally discover that the device used on Lyndon & Helena can be used to restore their memories! they now know who they were and one of them discovers that he was an undercover agent trying to break the secret railroad that was sending criminals to Earth... then, in a flash of light, Nate reappears!

Lyndon tells the rest of the group that he recalls being an undercover agent and has used his clearance to blag a shuttlecraft; Giuseppe tells them that he was the Euain network operator and he knows who has been after the: the Staple Bureau, a secret agency co-operating with the railroad in return for Euain technology, which they can track, hence why they kepe finding the fugitives so easily. Bob now knows for certain that he was an unscrupulous and amoral scientist with the blood of millions on his hands, but he is also their best hope of getting the Euain technology to work for them. Jerome was a Euain elite soldier who became a freelance assassin and he is nominated to fly the shuttle back up to the Euain mothership. Nate is studied and discovered to be an ordinary human with the unique talent of being immune to Euain powers. They head to the ship after discovering that Nate saw a system on board for rendering the whole population of the Earth into mindless slaves like Helena & Lyndon briefly became: whatever their chances are, they depend on either not being on the planet when the devices are used or stopping them from being deployed all together. They plan to use Bob's talent to fuse Lyndon with the Euain mothership, which will then turn into a giant amplifier for his power to tap into all EM signals: Lyndo will then order the mind-control devices to self-destruct. After a string of misadventures on-board, the fugitives escape back to the shuttle, having only time to abort the mind-control launch and destroy the devices, but the haste in which this is done costs Lyndon his right-arm! Jerome damages the shuttle on the way out and then a powerful weapon fires on the ship from the surface of the Earth, forcing them to fly through a hail of shards as they land back on the planet close to the source of the beam... a place known as Area 51...

Quote of the Night: "Only a top level enforcer would have the clearance to do that"