Aysylum week 3 and 4

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(a writeup for the Asylum game)

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In flashback, we find out what happened to Jerome when the other survivors created a distraction in order to escape the ERC; going on the run in a stolen air crew uniform and armed with a rivet gun, he makes camp in an all-night diner. The following day, he is contemplating his options when he 'sees' an invisible presence shadowing him: dealing with this stranger in a brutal manner, he discovers that the shadow was working for Frankie Johnson, someone known to Giuseppe... Later still, after the other survivors have settled into their safe-house (see Week 2), Jerome sees another 'invisible' presence in the sky, this time in the form of a vast disk which appears to be moving in a search pattern: he follows it to the address of the safe-house, where he surprises the others at breakfast the next day.

Banded together once more, the group decides that they need more information about their situation, so they start at the UCLA, hoping to find out where Dr. Martine Gloss acquired her 'crystal bone' from. Along the way, Lyndon and Giuseppe discover that they can re-write their ID & credit cards to emulate any type they want... whats more, Giuseppe can totally alter his physical appearance. Using this to impersonate Dr. Davenport, Dr. Gloss' academic partner, they get the bone analysed and discover that it is a carbon-60 crystal, a material that has not yet been created anywhere in the world... Left to their own devices in the Archaeology Dept, Jerome and Bob also discover strange abilities; Jerome has precise, almost mathematical perceptions of co-ordinates and vectors and the intuition to use that information to take out targets. Bob finds that he can access computers at speeds they were not built to operate at and can re-structure any available technology to serve his own purposes...

Looking to learn more, and to confirm some of their own theories, the group locate Paul Battersby at the Sacred Heart hospital and attempt to mount a rescue; along the way, Lyndon discovers the ability to tap into electronic signals of any kind, which warns them of the presence of security services in & outside Battersby's room. A desperate 3-way fight ensues when another faction also attempts to grab Battersby, but the survivors manage to make their getaway with a little help from an almost comatose Battersby, who uses a weird power of his own to cushion their jump from the roof of the hospital. As well as Battersby, they acquire some neat gadgets: a crystal conch shell that operates like a reusable stun grenade and a tear-drop shaped device that straps to the forearm and fires stun darts; disturbingly, thay also learn from Battersby, and their own experiments, that none of them are who they think they are, but are actually fugitive aliens from another world, but something had gone very wrong with their escape and one of them may even be a double agent...