Aysylum week 2

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(a writeup for the Asylum game)

Claim The group meets with Helena French, an FBI agent trying to ascertain their real identities: she seems to trust the party and strongly advises them to talk to her before higher authorities take an interest in matters. Since they have nothing to say, all they can do is accept her telephone number. They decide that their best course of action is to stike out on their own, so they prepare to do so: Giuseppe (Jef) sows discord amongst the survivors in the ERC to provide cover for their actions, Lyndon (Matt) investigates the strange crystal further and Bob (Dave) talks to Paul Battersby, the 5th person to have their identity erased; Jerome (Mark) is placd in a separate room, under guard, after he become overtly aggressive.

The group makes their escape in the nick of time, just ahead of the arrival of a couple of MIBs, who they evade after a firefight on the tramac of LAX; they bring Paul Battersby with them, but he takes a bullet in the back anf must be abandoned on the streets of LA, but not before his incoherent rambling suggests he knows more about what is going on and he mentions pride, murder, school and asylum: all collective nouns, but what is an 'asylum'?

Gisuseppe uses his contacts to find a safehouse and the group starts to think about what has happened to them and where to go next: investigate the anomalous passenger list from Flight 31? Find out about Dr. Martine Gloss and her possession of the crystal? Follow up Paul Battersby's imperative that they need to find the 'operator'? Or talk to Helena French and find out what she knows?