Authority Structure of Faerie

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Power in Faerie

The Court of Orion

The Consort The Generals The Mages
Consort's Ladies - These ladies cannot be directly commanded by the King. Such a position is very rare The Regiments the Knights Lesser Magi
e.g., Aremi, daughter and once handmaiden to Titania, plainsqueen e.g.; White Pillar Regiment under Colonel Lovelace e.g., Tam Lin, The Walker e.g., Skye
Currently, the King is unmarried. The Consort's Ladies keep their independence even so Various Regimental organisations may allow room for individuality. Kaitlyn is an attache to the White Pillar, which was once commanded by Aremi, and therefore did not have to follow the orders of the King The Knights and heroes tend to be used as shock troops or interchangable war leaders. They are generally non-Fae Magi tend to group in small clusters or covens. Larger gatherings tend to be only in times of war, as in any real numbers Magi will find themselves competing both for glory and the available magical power

The Court of Winter

The WinterKing is an enigmatic figure, his Aspect defined by the loss of warmth and vitality, rather than by anything positive or definite.