Asylum prank

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(a writeup for the Asylum game)

When Ashe Bayaidah questions Jerome Johnson about more inconsistencies regarding his presence on Flight 31 and his identity in general, he loses his temper and strikes Mr. Bayaidah, taking him as a hostage as he leaves the Emergency Rescue Centre; he immediately runs into resistance, however, when he is attacked by strangers wearing black body armour who open fire recklessly. The bullets do not seem to stop Jerome but superior numbers force him back into the ERC. Meanwhile, as Lyndon studies the crystal further, he hears a voice calling from a great distance, which he can just barely make out is saying something about resuscitation...

Giuseppe and Bob manage to get a look at the medical reports filed on everybody involved in the crash, after Bob becomes suspicious of the medic who treated him, but they only find blank pages, except for their files, which have mugshots and only the single word 'Processing' printed on them, but further investigation is broken up by the firefight taking place outside. As Jerome comes back into the building, they are horrrified by the bullet wounds in his chest and one through his head and the medical staff seem unwilling to even notice him: it is as if he had ceased to exist the minute he stepped out the door... a door which suddenly flies open as a hooded figure carrying a scythe stalks in and points at Giuseppe, declaiming 'YOUR TURN' as it does so. All of that is a complete piss take, however, which I have only put here to wind Jef and Mark up: we didn't play Asylum tonight at all, we had a Zombiethon instead. Ain't I a stinker?

Swine! -Jef.