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One of the towns used in the September 2007 block of Dogs in the Vineyard.

Something's Wrong

Twenty years ago, Sr Talitha was being courted by two men: Br Newton and Br Ezekiel. She loved them both, but eventually chose Ezekiel. When she gave her decision to Br Newton, she consoled him and they ended up laying together. The result was a son, Br Levi. Talitha never told Ezekiel about her straying and never repeated it. Ezekiel raised Levi as his own son.

Talitha bore Ezekiel another son, Br Solomon. Newton went on to marry Sr Anne and together they had a daughter, Sr Kesiah.

Twenty years later, Levi and Solomon started courting women and they both started to court Kesiah. Realising what would happen if Levi and Kesiah were to marry, Newton has forbidden Levi from courting Kesiah.


Br Newton and Sr Talitha believe that they know what's best for Levi, over and above what Ezekiel wants for his son.

They also believe that the calm in the community is best served by keeping Levi's parentage secret.


Levi is prevented from courting Kesiah without knowing the reason why. This hurts the more as Solomon is still able to court Kesiah.

Kesiah is prevented from being courted by the man she truly loves, Br Levi.

Talitha is preventing Ezekiel from exercising his rightful stewardship over Levi.


Deceit: Newton and Talitha are keeping the story of their fornication secret.

Disunity: Solomon is taking advantage of Levi's banning by aggressively courting Kesiah and flaunting it in front of Levi

Demonic Attacks

The demons want to spread the deceit and disunity among the Faithful.

They have arranged to have the harvest become ready in a haphazard and simultaneous manner, thus stretching the resources of the community. This is causing stress among the Faithful, causing tempers to flare and arguments to quickly become heated. The extreme reactions are making people hesitant when bringing up contentious issues.

The harvest is also poor. There isn't enough food to go around. Deals are already being made to hoard and exchange food during the winter.

The harvesting rush also gives people plenty of time to get lost among the harvesting rush and prevent anyone checking up on where they've gone.

The community is beginning to fracture. Deceit is becoming habitual.

As a side effect, the apple crop appears to be ripening well,but all the apples are rotten at their core.

False Doctrine

As held by Levi and Kesiah: It is right to conceal your true feelings in the service of a higher cause.

Corrupt Worship

Levi and Kesiah pray to the King of Life when they meet. They ask Him to allow keep their love secret and pure and turn Solomon towards other women.

They have noticed that Newton and Talitha have more than platonic feelings towards each other. Both Levi and Kesiah are urging, subtly, their parents to act on their impulses.

False Priesthood

Levi and Kesiah have asked Sr Anne for help, to allow them to continue their courtship and liason. As Anne can see no reason to prevent it, she is helping them to meet in secret. Kesiah leads the three of them in thanks to the King for their continued liaison.


Kesiah is a sorceress. Levi and Anne are possessed. Levi and Kesiah have asked the demons (Kesiah calls them 'angels') to encourage Newton and Talitha to follow their hearts' desire. Kesiah and Levi have encouraged them directly as well. Newton and Talitha have now acted on their passions again. Kesiah is trying to blackmail Newton and Talitha into lifting their disapproval of Kesiah's and Levi's relationship, but Newton and Talitha haven't; neither have they revealed why they disapprove.

Hate and Murder

Talitha confessed her affair to Ezekiel. He confronted Newton during a harvesting. Br Newton killed Br Ezekiel by knocking him down and then crushing him with a cart. He then used the rites, taught to him by Kesiah to quiet his dreams, to keep Ezekiel's spirit quiet in the grave.

As Sr Talitha is now a widow, Newton wants to take her as a second wife. Anne is against this.

The people want from the Dogs

  • Sr Anne wants the Dogs to knock some sense into Br Newton. Why is he preventing the nice Br Levi from courting Kesiah? They're obviously in love and the King of :Life has blessed their marriage by sending angels. She wants the Dogs to refuse Newton's marriage to Talitha.
  • Br Newton wants the Dogs to blame Br Ezekiel's death on an accident. He wants to keep his involvement secret. He also wants them to bless his proposed second marriage to Talitha. He'll say it's the only way to keep everyone healthy throughout the winter. He wants the Dogs to prevent the marriage between Levi and Kesiah. He'll keep the circumstances around Ezekiel's death secret from everyone except Talitha.
  • St Talitha wants out, but can't see how it will happen without her losing everything. She wants the Dogs to just leave and will put up a brave face. If they don't, she'll confess. She wants to keep her children but not be married to Newton. She wants the Dogs to prevent any relationship between Kesiah and Levi. She's fairly sure Newton killed Ezekiel, but she loves Newton.
  • Br Ezekiel is dead
  • Sr Kesiah wants to learn more secrets. If she can get a secret from the Dogs, all the better. She wants the Dogs to bless her marriage with Levi. She wants the Dogs to persuade Newton and Talitha to lift their oppositions to her marriage to Levi. She wants the Dogs to punish Newton and Talitha for their affair and will whisper to the Faithful that this is what happens when people find out your secrets. She wants the Dogs to find out any hoarding going on in the town and punish people for it.
  • Br Levi (a bit of a golden boy) wants the Dogs to persuade Newton and Talitha to bless his marriage to Kesiah. He also wants the Dogs to punish Newton for murdering Ezekiel, his father. He'll urge the Dogs to show no mercy.
  • Br Solomon (a tad slimy) wants to get one up on his elder brother. He wants the Dogs to break up any relationship between Levi and Kesiah to allow him a chance at her.
  • Br Barnabas, the Steward, just wants the Dogs to keep a lid on things in the town and help out with the harvest. He, and most other people, are really too busy to deal with anything apart from ensuring that the community lives through the winter.

The Demons want

The Dogs to punish severely any lapses. This will keep the Faithful fearful and secretive.

If the Dogs didn't come

Kesiah will learn the secret of how Ezekiel died. She'll use this to get the truth from him about Levi's parentage. She'll claim that Newton has raped Talitha and get Levi to kill them both.

Deals made about the food exchanges wouldn't be honoured and tempers would flare. During the winter, the community would divide, fracture, and collapse. In the spring, most people would be dead.