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Mark White (As played by Ben Affleck)

The following is a list of the various characters of note that Mark has met on her travels in Shadow and during her time in Amber and Chaos.


  • Fiona
A woman of many talents all of them exceptional. My only wish is that I could have spent more time with her during my informative years, but I cannot complain considering her duties and the time she has now freely given to me.
  • Gerard
A quiet man who seems somewhat lacking in leadership skills. This may be deliberate as the situation Mark has been put it seems farcical and could simply be a test of our own metal.

  • Chance
A young Amberite who seems a somewhat fanciful to me. But I hardly know him so will leave judgement till later.
  • Gwyn
A young girl who is clearly far older than she appears. Strange, quiet, but clearly intelligent and probably someone Mark will get along well with. Whether that is true remains to be seen.
  • Vincent
A bit of a strange one with his visions and the like. But he talks easily enough. We'll have to see how we get along.

  • Miss Candia Greene
A woman staying in Duke Halbon's household. Mark is clearly intrigued by her and her past which she seems to jealously guard. Whether she is warming to Mark or toying with him is, however, another story!
  • Miss Sally Greene
Candia's sister. Mark knows her only as the woman who danced with one of the men who stole the Bride's figurehead.
  • Duke Halbon
The Duke has taken Mark in as if he were a long lost son. The man is generous and clearly has a strong heart. While Mark knows better than to judge a book by its cover, the Duke appears to be all that he seems.
  • Jurabin Halbon
Duke Halbon's son and Gerard's Prime Minister. He seems a nice enough man though something niggles at Mark. Maybe he just seems a little too reckless to be a Prime Minister?



  • Phoarah Akhtoi
An Egyptian King who's daughter had her jewels stolen by corsairs.
  • Phoarah Akhtoi's daughter
An Egyptian princess who's jewels were stolen by corsairs.
  • Caroline
An eceptionally good sailor Mark knew well in the shadow he was brought up in.


  • Red Harlot / Blushing Bride
A merchantman believed to have been a raider at some point. It had its figurehead stolen.

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