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Benedict's Blade

Corwin retrieved Benedict's blade after he fled the Primal Pattern after successfully spreading enough of the family blood over it to erase it. Unfortunately, in doing so, he was unable to defend himself well enough and was decapitated, but not before stealing Romanov's body and fleeing. Luckily. despite being decapitated, Romanov was saved death by Mei-Lian who kept his mind alive by grafting the decapitated head onto her own body. Mei-Lian has subsequently regrown the body but all attempts at altering the shape of the body from that of Benedict, have failed as the body appears to shift slowly, but naturally back to its desired form. Corwin gave Romanov Benedict's blade suggesting that it may fit his new form well. It does.

Blood of Chaos

A strange drink that was offered to Romanov, who drank some of it and became, almost immediately, ill. Some of the drink splashed on Atikus and proceeded to destroy his exoskeleton completely and it was only through the sacrifice of almost all of his body that he was able rid himself of it. Any longer and it would have probably killed him.


Corwin's fabled sword. Known as the Nightblade. Corwin gave the sword to Athena along with the title Sword Bearer in thanks for her aid given to Fenneval. He has also said that it was once a Spikard but that it has lost its links to the shadow power sources.

The Jewel of Judgement

"The Jewel of Judgement and the Eye of the Chaos or the Eye of the Serpent are different names for the same stone?" I said. "Yes," Dworkin replied. "What happens if the Serpent gets its eye back?" I inquired. "The universe will probably come to an end." "Oh," I observed. - Knight of Shadows

A fabled ruby often worn by King Oberon and said to have mighty powers. It was last seen in the hands of Brand shortly before he was shot and fell into the Abyss.

Rose Brooch

Corwin's Silver Rose Brooch. For a time, worn by Bloom, it has now been returned to Corwin.


...The band was wide, possibly of platinum. It bore a wheel-like device of some reddish metal, with countless tiny spokes, many them hair-fine. And each of these spokes extended a line of power leading off somewhere, quite possibly into Shadow, where some power cache or spell source lay... - Knight of Shadows

The Spikards are ancient artefacts that harness a multitude of power sources throughout shadow. Corwin's sword Greyswandir was one, but the sword is said to have lost its connections to the power sources during the massive shadow story prior to the final showdown outside Chaos.


It was a long and lovely gold-chased sheath of dark green, and the hilt of the blade which protruded from it appeared to be gold-plated, with an enormous emerald set in its pommel. I took hold of it and drew it partway, half expecting it to wail like a demon on whom one has dropped a balloon filled with holy water. Instead, it merely hissed and smoked a little. And there was a bright design worked into the metal of its blade - almost recognizable. Yes, a section of the Pattern. Only this excepting was from the Pattern's end, whereas Grayswandir's was from the point near the beginning. - Knight of Shadows.

Brand's fabled sword, known as the Daysword, is believed to have been lost with Brand as he fell into the Abyss. Whether the sword was Spikard as Grayswandir was, is unknown.

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